Australian Roof Types: All You Need To Know

roof design in australia

The roof is the most important component of every structure and as you would expect, rooves come in all shapes and sizes and their primary goal is to protect the property from the elements. If you are planning a new build and would like an overview of roof styles, you have come to the right place and here is a list of popular roofing designs used in Australia.

  • Flat Roof – Modern buildings tend to use a flat roof, especially commercial structures, which allows for easy maintenance and in some cases, the roof is used for mounting compressors and solar panels. The flat roof is not perfectly flat, rather it is sloped to one side to facilitate the escape of rainwater and the incline could be anything from a few degrees to 30 degrees in extreme cases.
  • Skillion Roof – This is a flat roof with a significant run-off, which are often found on modern properties, with sharp, defined angles that are designed to be practical and protective. A flat roof could have a small skillion at one end, or it might be a single slope, depending on several factors.
  • Butterfly Roof – A roof that contains two flat sections that pivot in the centre, giving the shape of a butterfly’s wings. The pivot point could be off-centre and there would be a slight run-off to the rear for excess rainwater, and with the Sydney Roofing Company handling the design and installation, you can be sure of a first-class job. Rather than having guttering along the roof edges, there is a boxed guttering that runs along the lowest point between the two sections and this design is quite expensive, due to the extra materials and work involved.
  • Curved Roof – The best example would be the stunning Sydney Opera House, with those appealing curves. This design is great for coastal regions, where the wind is strong and the roof surfaces are curved to be more aerodynamic, which reduces the force upon the structure.
  • Gabled Roof – Most common with residential properties, this classic design features two equal sections that rise up to meet on a central line and there is space inside for a loft conversion. In Australia, slate roofing is very popular because of its durability and distinguished look, and while slate roofing is expensive, it does outlast other materials.
  • Hipped Roof – Imagine a gabled roof with lots of small features, usually 3-4 pitched sections, which gives the structure added strength and many properties in coastal areas have hipped roofing. There is a lot of work involved in creating a hipped roof, but the benefits are many and if the design is right according to the wind direction, a hipped roof can protect large parts of the roof.

australian roof type

If you are thinking of building your dream retirement home, there are choices when it comes to roofing and with an online search, you can contact a local roofing specialist for the best advice. Roofing has enjoyed many positive changes over the years, with composite materials that are both light and very durable, and with solar panels that look like roof tiles, you can enjoy clean and renewable energy on your new build.

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