6 Home Remedies to Soothe Foot Pain

foot pain massage machine
The major causes of foot pain include athlete’s foot, corns, and an ingrown toe nail among others. Other reasons for foot pain are poor posture, excess weight, bone spar, plantar and much more. Whichever the cause, foot pain can cause a lot of discomforts. Foot pain can immobilize you and render you completely incapable to move around. The good news is, most of these causes can be controlled at home without having to incur costs. In this article, we shall explore simple home remedies that can go a long way to help you avoid foot pain.

Try a warm soak
Medical practitioners and other experts agree that having a warm soak can help relieve pain caused by inflammations and soreness. Even without medications, doctors will advise you to try it at home as it is a quick way to heal you from foot pain. The way to do this is by taking a bucket half filled with warm water. Then insert your legs into the water for about half an hour.

Foot massage
Research has found that lack of proper blood circulation in the body leads to foot pain and other problems. It is for this reason that experts recommend foot massage for people with athlete’s foot. You can massage your own feet at home without having to visit a massage parlor. The cost of good massage machines is pocket-friendly such that everyone can afford. Massaging your feet improves blood flow in your feet removing lumps of blood that can cause pain.

Eat asparagus
Asparagus is a type of food which when eaten, it acts as a diuretic by removing excess water from the system thus reducing inflammation. This root works best when edema and other inflammations are the causes of the foot pain. For it to work effectively, you are required to eat the root every day until you heal.

Using mustard seeds
These seeds are believed to be able to detoxify the muscles by removing toxic water from your body. Other than detoxification, mustards seeds can help improve blood circulation in the body. this helps remove inflammation as well as foot pain.

A handful of mustard seeds is grinded and added to warm to hot water. You can the soak your feet in the water for about 15 minutes. Also, a paste of mustard seed can be prepared then applied to the feet. Mustard seed paste left for an hour on your feet helps control swelling and foot pain.

Ice compress
You can relieve foot pain by simply compressing an ice on your feet. Ice helps by constricting the nerves that could be inflamed. Ice cubes can be used in the absence of ice pack. Apply the ice on your foot for about 15 minutes. Ice will also help reduce the possibility of the pain being transferred from your foot to other parts of the body. Remember that pain at one point of t the body can be transferred through bones and nerve system of the body.

Regular feet exercise
If your foot pain is caused by inflammation and soreness, simple foot exercise can help relieve the pain. Foot exercises can also help avoid the chances of soreness and inflammation from cropping up again frequently. Foot exercises cam be done by raising your toes and lowering them for at least 15 minutes. You can also stand on your toes for a few minutes. All these will help relieve foot pain.
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