What Can Microsoft AZ-500 Certification Exam Give You and Your Career?

With more and more businesses going for cloud solutions like the Azure Virtual Desktop as part of their company infrastructure, the security of the enterprise’s cloud environment has now become everybody’s duty and responsibility. What’s good about this is that Microsoft has a great educational plan aimed at equipping individuals with the fundamentals that they need to know in order to ensure the security of the cloud. Thus, Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer Associate is a must-have requirement for the security experts who need to check their abilities in carrying out threat protection as well as ensuring data and network in hybrid and Cloud environments. This incorporates security protocols vital for critical tasks like Azure Migration Services.

If you’re one of the individuals who have consistently aspired to become a security engineer, now’s your chance! The world is accepting the cloud and so should you, this blog post is going to cover all the important exam details like course content, weightage, and many more details and updates about this Microsoft Azure Security certification.

To pass the AZ-500 exam, you require a fundamental knowledge of IT security principles and a moderate understanding of most Azure offerings as it focuses on the applicant’s ability to analyze and fix vulnerabilities with different security tools on the cloud.

Microsoft AZ-500: Exam details

Certification Name: [AZ-500] Microsoft Azure Security Technologies

Target Audience: Candidates who have moderate to strong knowledge of Azure cloud and services.

Exam Duration: 150-210 minutes

Number Of Questions: 40 to 60 questions(One lab session with around 12 sub-tasks)

Exam Cost: USD 165.00

Exam Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Korean


Awareness of the basic information related to the Microsoft Azure AZ-500 exam is also important for the AZ-500 exam preparation. Basically, knowledge of details about the exam helps candidates expect the type of questions that would come for the exam. Applicants should also know about the specific details such as registration fees and languages supported by the exam.

The exam format for the AZ-500 exam would include multiple-choice and multiple-select questions.

AZ-500 Exam BluePrint: Domains Covered 

The most basic aspect that can help your AZ-500 exam preparation is an in-depth knowledge of the domains covered in the exam. If you know the domains in the AZ-500 exam completely, you can coordinate your preparations on specific topics. Accordingly, you can accomplish a profitable and effective preparation for the AZ-500 exam.

The AZ-500 exam covers the following domains

  1. Securing data and applications (25-30%)
  2. Implementation of platform protection (35-40%)
  3. Management of security operations (15-20%)
  4. Identity and access management (20-25%)

Let us reflect on the weighting of each domain and subtopics in the domains for improving this Azure AZ-500 preparation guide.

Who Does This Certification Apply To?

  1. People with non-technical backgrounds engaged with the advertising of Cloud security services and solutions.
  1. People with technical backgrounds who are hoping to begin their professions and are particularly interested in the security part of the cloud, or the individuals who need to validate their knowledge level around cloud security.

This certification exam provides an approach to build up your cloud security skills and furthermore exhibit your abilities to potential employers, consequently providing you with an edge and Practical knowledge too.


Therefore, candidates should follow a healthy routine for workout, daily activities, and diet. In addition, candidates should also participate in online discussions, study gatherings, and other internet learning networks to get reliable knowledge from other aspiring candidates. So, enroll now for the AZ-500 certification training and start your AZ-500 exam preparation to set up a promising profession in cloud security!

Author Bio – Ben is a technical writer at Nuvento. It’s a cloud migration consulting services company in the US. He enjoys telling about tech innovations and digital ways to boost businesses.

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