Types of Allergy

Alergy is an IgE mediated type 1 hypersensitivity reaction.  Nasal allergy is typically associated with wxcessive sneezing, watering and itching of nose and eyes.  When untreated may aggravate to bronchitis and asthma.

What are the types of allerlgy?
1. Allergic rhinitis: excessive sneezing, this may be seasonal or perennial through out the year.
2. Hay fever/allergic bronchitis: coughing, breathlessness, both seasonal and perennial.
3. Skin rash/urticaria: hives or eruptions or rashes all over body.
4. Food allergies: can present as rashes or diarhoea.
5. Drug reaction: mild reaction may present as skin rash, in severe reaction patients can have breathlessness and choking or severe exfoliation or the skin, and sometimes these may be fatal.

What are allergens?
Allergens are various things in the air or food which provoke the body to have an allergic reaction.  This includes mites, pollen, dusts, fungi, animal and several types of foods.

What are the treatment option available?
In acute conditions antiallergics and topical steroids.  Chronic patients need an allergy test to identify what to they are allergic and the outcome decides further course of action.

What is allergy testing by skin prick method?
It is the WHO recommended gold standard to identify allergies.  It extremely safe, quick (take just an hour for the report), reliable, repeatable, visible to the patient and less expensive than blood allelrgy tests.

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