Six Tech Trends That Will See Your Health Through

Let’s face it you are bothered about your health. The health is one important aspect of life that cannot be just shrugged away. You and your family’s health are of paramount importance. That is why science and technology is teaming up to bring you innovative solutions to improve your health or help you monitor it. As technology continues to improve, digital technology will play a huge role in keeping your health and in changing the way you keep your fitness regimen. Here are some of the six tech trends that you should look out for in the future.

This technology will be great for people that live in far-flung areas of the country. Doctors can easily reach you and give diagnosis without the need of visiting the clinic. You may be able to get medical advice promptly without the need of transportation. Telemedicine offers a valuable way to get medical advice through consultations via phone or the Internet. This time you may be getting expert advice on your nagging cough via Skype or through Facetime. Telemedicine technology sends real-time information about your nagging cough and will give the proper diagnosis including the prescription that you need to fill in the local pharmacy. This may not be a substitute for doctor’s visit but it will help tremendously when you need to get immediate diagnosis for acute symptoms that may arise.

Wearable Gadgets
Wearable gadgets may come in the form of watches, shoes and even bras. Recently, Microsoft was in the news for doing some research on smart bras that tell women to go easy on emotional eating. Emotional eating is sometimes a direct result of overwhelming levels of anxiety and stress. The bras are designed to monitor the mood of the women and send data to smartphones. The smartphones then alert the wearer about mood swings that eventually can help people avoid emotional eating.

Health apps are not exactly new. What is new is the next iteration of health apps that will be coming to an app store near you. The next generation of apps will tell your blood pressure levels, blood sugar and even the amount of calories that you have burned. These pieces of information are fed to a data base which can help your doctor monitor your progress and health from a distance. The doctor will have an instant snapshot of your health and will be able to come up with solutions without severely taking a lot of time.

Cloud Servers
Cloud computing has been taking the business space by storm. It would not be long when health is conquered by this emerging technology. The data captured by your mobile device will be stored in cloud servers which allow your doctors to get information about your health in real-time. At the same time, the community can also partake on your progress through social networks. This is very helpful for people that are trying to lose some weight and need encouragement from friends.

Web-based Health Records
Web-based personal health records will be available especially for health insurance providers. They can easily know your health standing and be able to give a quote of your premium based on your health profile. It is possible that in the future, some restaurants will no longer serve you food that is counter-indicated by your health standing. For example, you may no longer be able to eat fatty foods because you have high cholesterol levels. It is also possible that you will not be allowed to eat some foods before getting a lipid panel. Web-based personal health records will be available to any doctor in the event of an emergency or if your regular doctor is unavailable because he is on a holiday.

Safety Sensors
Children safety is a paramount concern among parents. Webcams can become prevalent in the home to monitor children while the parents are away. It can also monitor the babysitter. Sensors can pick up distress and may be able to connect with first responders by dialing 911.

Technology has changed the way we live. It will continue to change the way we live as we go into the future. It is important to be ready when the changes come. Always keep an open mind about technology since it will be in the future that we will be spending the rest of our lives.

About the Author: Ryan Rivera is constantly in search for any interesting information about health. He wanted to help all those stress sufferers out there with any valuable information that will help them achieve better health. Please visit his Calm Clinic Twitter account.

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