Tips to Strengthen Hotel and Tourism Industry after COVID Era

The year 2020 witnessed unprecedented times when COVID 19 pandemic took the entire world in its grip.  The pandemic continued to wreak havoc and put everything to a standstill. Needless to say, it has even adversely impacted the hotel and tourism industry across the globe. India, which is one the most preferred tourist destinations among travel aficionados, is also not an exception to this reverse trend when most countries of the world have sealed their international borders in the wake of a pandemic. Hotel and tourism management colleges in India are at par with any other prestigious international hotel and tourism colleges in the world in terms of practical training and global exposure. The colleges in India are providing online classes to the students so that their studies are not affected during the lock down period.

Even in this difficult period, calibrated steps and measures can boost the hotel and tourism businesses in India.

Following tips could ensure sustainable and inclusive recovery in the aftermath of COVID-19 pandemic.

  1. Leading hotels and restaurant chains can exercise restraint by ensuring that all staffs and crew take all precautionary measures and do not contribute to the spread of the infection.
  2. Promoting non- contact service and order deliveries to ensure sustainable and inclusive recovery.
  3. Even the latest technology and innovation allows hoteliers to control all the operations even without being physically present there and thus engaging with the guests without personal contact and catering to their specific needs.
  4. Taking a cue from the reputed global restaurants, hoteliers and restaurant owners in India can also take the help of robots for taking orders from the customers.
  5. Installation of automatic disinfectant sanitizing machines and hand sanitizers at the entrance and exits of the hotels.
  6. Practising standard global protocols to restore the trust of the customers, utilising the lull period in renovating and upgrading the infrastructure to attract customers in near future.
  7. Providing 24×7 medical assistance to the customers in tune with the global protocols at the time of emergency.

Thanks to the latest technology and constant evolution, mobile apps have definitely come to the rescue of the people involved in the hotel and tourism industry in particular. Hotel tourism management colleges in India are also ensuring that students’ future is not affected and therefore offering online studies where students without being worried about the course completion can attend the online classes at the comfort of staying at their home. You can read more about the care taken by hospitality colleges in these trying times the world is passing through.

Tourism management institutes in Kolkata, in sync with the global hospitality and tourism institutes, are practicing best methodologies to ensure that students get all practical training and exposure before joining the industry. To acquire relevant information about the course and admission, one can visit the website of the institute.

Recovering from COVID-19

The pandemic outbreak is a temporary phase and by remaining upbeat and buoyant we can deal with the present crisis effectively.  Of – late India, along with UK, Russia, USA and other developed countries, has launched inoculation drive that apparently is a good sign that CPVID-19 would soon become the thing of past and governments across the globe would lift all the travel restrictions. Once the restrictions are lifted it’s only the matter of the time that hotel and tourism industry will regain its glorious days and continue to thrive further as matter of fact, India alone attracted about  10.5 million foreign travellers last year before the lock down was imposed.

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