6 Tips for Planning a Romantic Getaway

romantic getaway

If you are looking to plan some quality time with your significant other, but your everyday life is getting in the way, you may start to plan a romantic getaway for you and your loved one. However, planning a trip that you will both enjoy can be difficult, whether you want to travel within the USA or go further afield.

1. Choose the Right Destination
The first step that you should take when planning a romantic getaway is finding the right destination, one that can get you in the mood for love and give you the chance to recharge before returning to the daily grind. With many locations currently shut off to you due to coronavirus restrictions, you may be planning to stay closer to home this year. However, this does not mean that you will not enjoy a vacation that can make your heart race, with destinations such as New York, Hawaii, and the Florida Keys perfect for those looking for love.

2. Pick a Romantic Hotel or Resort
Once you have decided on your destination, you then need to plan the perfect hotel or resort, as this is where you will be spending most of your downtime. Since you will usually spend more time at the resort on a romantic getaway than on a family trip, you should consider opting for luxury accommodation such as that of a Waikiki beach hotel, whose prime coastal location and balmy weather can make real-life seem far away.

3. Take Time for Yourselves
However, wherever you choose to travel, you should make sure that you create time for yourselves on your trip, especially if you have children or friends tagging along. For instance, you should consider planning a dedicated date night where you can dress up, eat a tasty meal, and focus on each other uninterrupted.

4. Don’t Over-Plan
The worst step that you can take to make the magic vanish from your vacation is to over-plan. A rigid schedule is likely to make you both feel flustered and stressed, and you may come home feeling as if you have not spent a single moment in each other’s company. Then, you should keep your schedule flexible, make sure that you have plenty of downtime, and that you are not afraid to skip big sightseeing trips if you are not feeling in the mood for them.

5. Make Sure You Both Have a Say
Most importantly, though, you should make sure that you both have a say when you are planning your trip. This will then mean that your trip will be filled with activities that you are both happy with, which can boost your moods throughout the vacation.

6. Try Something New
To get the spark back into your romance, though, you should consider trying something new together, whether this is a trip to the spa or a bungee jump. The romance can often seep out of your relationship as soon as you find yourself stuck in the monotony of an everyday routine. However, by trying something new, you will be able to rekindle your passion and remember what you both originally saw in each other.

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