Tips on how to dress for your graduation ceremony, ladies!

You know many students may be busy for preparing for the finals but most of us are worried about our graduation. This is perhaps the biggest day in our lives and we should be careful as to what to wear and what not to wear at our graduation ceremony.

It can be relaxing to find out that your university days are over and you don’t have to burden yourself with study load and assignment and you name it. However, for others it can be an emotional moment as they feel that they might not get the same joy out of life and saying goodbye to friends is never easy.

The life after graduation is the real one and students no longer remain students they grow up to be adults. So if it is your graduation, the last time you will ever be in the company of your teachers, faculty members and campus friends where your family present too, you should dress well. Here’s how:

Dress to impress and not otherwise
On your graduation day you will be involved in picture taking and I mean lots of picture taking will ensue. You cannot afford to sleep through it or forget to take a shower. You can go with something more conventional but that does not mean it can’t be eassy at the same time.

The selection should be to look the upcoming adult version of you while at the same time it should pack some of the student type feel to it. You can spend and you rightly should spend time to straighten or curl your hair, whatever your thing is. Point being, take all the time you want.

Try to put on a concealer, a little of it. You have to of course present your best face forward. You can thank us later when these photos will be hit on your Facebook page! Or even better, placed right above the fireplace at your parents’ house.

Plan what to wear under that robe of yours
It is common to assume that we will wear anything under as most of the time we will be covered under our bulky robes. Students have essay help & misconception about this. As much as the outer is important so is the inner wear. It is essential because, you won’t get a chance to change after the ceremony up to the point when you are having dinner with your family. So there you go, point number one!

If you are not wearing something cute or stylish underneath, imagine sitting at a dinner with your family and your pals around in a bulky robe. How do you think you will fare in that situation? Therefore, decide to dress equally good on the inside.

Another reason why should dress well underneath is because you might to carry, say, a purse/wallet so if you have pocket in the dress you can stuff it therein. Again, imagine climbing down with 500 other students with you holding that purse in the hand? Yeah, LOL.

With pocket you can keep your car keys and phone, and may be hold the camera in hand. Camera thing is cool anyway.

Another important thing is to wear something sleek because graduation robe is bulky on its own so you don’t want to crumble under your own weight. So don’t wear full skirt but a relaxed cute wear that will keep you comfortable. Okay, one last thing take note of the weather. Weather can really mess up your day.

You can either be freezing or feeling the heat while listening to the graduation speech, hence, choose wisely.

The only part visible to other people will be your footwear so pick a cute and somewhat dressy pair of shoes for your big day. Make sure you paint your toenails. Sexy or sky high stilettos might not be appropriate on the day whereas you can try on something fancier, say, 2-3 inches of heel would do just fine. It will enable you to walk a long distance.

Also, practice the walk beforehand. You don’t want to fall flat on your face on the big day!

Step up that makeup game
You cannot certainly try experimenting with makeup on the day of your graduation. That would be a silly thing to do, no really. Why take the risk of all days on your graduation, huh?! You can go on with the application of usual mascara, eyeliner, lipstick and blush to stay in the makeup game. You will great in pictures taken from far away.

Oh, and have fun!
Decorate you graduation cap or write a fictitious Facebook middle name and hand it over to the announcer before walking to the stage can uplift your mood and personalize your experience on your graduation day.

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