Three Fabulous Hair Trends to Try This Summer

Three Fabulous Hair Trends to Try This Summer

As summer inches its way closer and closer, it’s time to start thinking about your summer style. This is typically the time of year people start to pull their summer clothes out of storage, pick up a few trendy and fashionable items, and gear up for the summer heat and sun. One way you can freshen up your look for summer and really give yourself a little makeover in the process is to change up your hairstyle. It’s very common for people to make hair changes that coincide with the seasons, as it really can put a bounce in your step and keep you feeling stylish.

Here’s a look at three fabulous hair trends you may want to consider trying this summer.

If you’re not looking to make a big change where the length of your hair is concerned, but you still want to feel trendy and on-point, then Balayage is a great option. Balayage is a hair color technique that gives really natural sun-kissed results that are perfect for the summer. The word itself means “sweeping” or “sweep”, which is the color technique used. The hairstylist will, in fact, sweep or brush on strategically placed color using a small brush. It is meant to be free-hand so you have a natural look rather than a harsh line of color.

As for the colors used, the idea is that you want to use complementary colors, choosing a color that is a few shades lighter but in the same undertone. You can create drama by choosing a color many shades lighter or keep it natural and choose one that is just one or two shades lighter. This complete guide to Balayage can act as your cheat sheet when reading up on the technique.

Beachy Waves
Does it get better than loose, natural-looking beachy waves in the summer? Think about that “just getting home from a day at the beach” look and that’s what you will want to try to achieve. Beachy waves can work well on various lengths of hairs, and various textures. You will need to use a large barrelled curling iron or curling wand, flexible hairspray, and a texturizer spray.

When curling your hair, you want to keep the waves really loose, and they should start a couple of inches below your part line.

The Modern Shag
Making a return this year is the shag of the 1970s but with a modern twist. The idea is big hair, plenty of movement, lots of layers, and that natural low-maintenance look. Add in a wispy bang or side fringe to help keep it modern looking. The great thing about this haircut is that you’ll look trendy but it is very easy and quick to style.

Freshen Up Your Look for Summer
Each of these hot summer hair trends is sure to freshen up your entire look and have you ready to embrace summer. If you’re feeling unsure of which is right for you, be sure to book a consultation with your stylist and get their advice.
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