The 10 Essential Things For Your Kitchen

Do not you just like your kitchen? Do you always need something while you cook?

Today’s post is for you, not only decoration but also organization.

Let’s see the 10 indispensable items in a kitchen.

Order and organization
For your kitchen to be functional and pleasant, the first thing is that it is clear; it does not seem overwhelming or chaotic.

Good lighting
It is very important, when it comes to cooking; you have to have adequate lighting. If you also eat in the kitchen then it would be best to have different points of light to create the environments strong light to cook and diffuse light to eat in a more relaxed atmosphere.

The best appliances that come with you
I explained it in a last post about how to organize the kitchen.
It may be that you are more comfortable with a juicer than a toaster … you have to detect what you use most and what you need most to know that it is an indispensable for your kitchen.

Sharp knives
You’ll be careful, will not you? However, it is more dangerous a bad (ie badly sharp) knife than a knife that would cut the silk. To make life easier, to cook to taste, you have to have knives adapted to the different tasks of the kitchen and well sharpened.

The food tastes much better if you spice it up. The only thing that can worry you here is how to order the spices to avoid invading the kitchen.

Aromatic plants
As you know, a fresh parsley does not taste the same as a dry parsley. I invite you to try to have the basic aromatic plants in your kitchen. It is better, it is healthier and they are not very difficult to maintain.

Good rags
I am not saying that you have to leave a lot of money in the kitchen rags, no, it is not necessary but the truth is that quality rags make life easier. They dry out a thousand times faster than bad and touch rags and notes that are strong. They serve for many things: dry, not burn when you take the pan by its handle, support the hot plate and shine your glassware and cutlery. It is best if they are natural: linen or at least 100% cotton and thick enough.

Wooden boards
Not only for its cutting board function but also because it is good to have in the kitchen elements of wood to counteract the “fire” effect of this room. It is best to have the wooden board (s) between the sink and the plates. It is a basic recommendation of feng shui.

They are comfortable and very decorative. Perfect for your kitchen!
If you have many already at home, read this to inspire you … many things can be done with the cooking pots.

Post-it and magnets in the fridge
To know the family schedule, have important phone numbers, photos of loved ones, postcards to dream or the next exhibitions to go to visit …

What is the most indispensable element of the kitchen for you?

Now “LA” surprise … We are in a draw!

Regards and…

Decorate for a better life!

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