Smart Ideas for Your Kitchen Storage Spaces

The idea of a kitchen overhaul surely comes to everyone’s mind at some point. After all, the kitchen is that corner of your house which turns messy very easily. That’s why it messes with your head ever so often. Have you ever felt your kitchen is loaded with too many things, and yet it is inadequate? Does your soiled stuff pile up too soon? Don’t you feel like spending less time in the kitchen every day?
With the fast-food culture pushing its way into our busy lifestyles, there is a constant battle, not just against the bulge, but against the habit of depending on a vendor for something as basic as food. As a result, the kitchen is perhaps functionally the most important part of your home, somewhere that ought to be where you want to be.

The best storage ideas are based on three simple rules –

• Do what makes it easy to clean
• Easy to manage multiple meals
• And make it safe enough for kids

Storage for the cleanest kitchen

The cleaning kit for your “dining and kitchen” area can be more crowded than you think. The tissue roll, four to five kinds of detergents for different surfaces and utensils, scrubbers and the like are all necessary. They are best used when kept in a single closet. The best strategy till date has been creating that two-door cabinet under the main sink.
Rectangular in shape, they give you the leverage of “extra” space way better than any other. All you got to care for is a proper disposal bin in a separate area. A waste basket in a corner should be priority in any case. In many Indian homes, it is common to find the under-sink being used for the broomstick and the waste bin. Not only does that make reaching them difficult, it also makes the area unclean, as it is considered hidden. No great idea that!
The under sink area gets accessed more frequently if you keep your cleaning kit there. Besides, you can easily avoid the habit of scattering what you use every day if there is a designated space for all of them.

Manage multi-course & multiple meals

What you need are not just the right items from your shelves, but the right sets of items, every time. They may include multiple items of crockery, the grater, the blender, serving plates, etc. That’s when the game gets interesting. Closets in the kitchen are usually designed to keep one type of utensils in each compartment. That can prove to be a mistake, as every time you cook for a purpose, you are reaching for different closets. It just adds to the fatigue.
One way to start handling course meals better is using the system of separating your closets by meal type. Use each section for what you typically need for a particular course of meal. Reach for it, and you’re ready to get started.

Store safely enough to keep kids safe

Yes, we know it can be difficult for kids to reach some places until they get taller, but that’s not enough. Some ideas about storing knives and other sharp objects include using a bundle of skewers inside the main container, to make them stay there. It has other benefits like keeping the knife dry easily also. However, storing stuff in the kitchen doesn’t get any more important than when it comes to the gas cylinder and related items. The gas lighter, matchboxes, knives and other potentially harmful objects are best kept under lock and key in a single compartment if you have toddlers and young children at home. So that’s just one extra step during your meal-preparation time.
Storage ideas needn’t be fancy. Even when you see the most liked kitchens in the world, they have all been based on the closet concept for decades now. It is important to design your layout with the help of interior designers in Bangalore to maximizing the use of space and plan before you buy anything.
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