Oh Womaniya! Why real estate needs to see more women investors

Give women some common ground and then see how they could be the next real deal
The last couple of decades has seen a shift where women have felt the need to be independent and self-sufficient. This saw those taking on jobs in industries which were male dominated. While these women went on to paving successful career paths for themselves, the numbers and proportions of these women were hardly encouraging. While there are quite a few women prevalent at the entry and middle levels, there is a sharp drop in these numbers at the top levels. This however, does not mean that it is a herculean task which cannot be achieved. The names of Carly Fiorina (legendary CEO of Hewlett Packard and first woman ever in charge of a Fortune 100 company) and Indra Nooyi (CEO of Pepsi) would ring a bell across quite a few households around the world.
Indian real estate has also seen a similar shift in pattern in the recent times. It is as a home buyer that women first made a real impact in this industry. That is the time everyone in this industry stood up to notice this change as previously women were not associated with buying their own homes. It is time for this industry to witness a change as the number of women working professionals is on the rise and this is a trend which is here to stay…forever.
While tried and tested may work, innovation is the name of every game
This could probably be rated as the number one problem that most working women around India face. After all, in a country of over a billion which has been male dominated for so long and has failed to progress in terms of its beliefs and mentality, women are bound to face resistance to change. “Society” is still not very accepting about why a woman should wear a pair of pants or a skirt and go and work in an office when their “principal” duty is to be at home and look after the needs there. This barrier has already been breached successfully in some places and is the only way forward.
Why do one thing at a time when you can kill two birds with one stone
It is no secret that women have been known to be much better multitaskers as compared to men. Over generations women have had to handle a much fuller plate than men even though there could be disagreement on this aspect. From then till now, they have seemed to manage pretty well and will continue to do so. If anyone has doubts, just think about the number of women across the world who create a daily balance between managing a home, kids and a job and then compare that to the number of men who do the same. Emotional Quotient
After all, it is all in the mind
The real estate industry is already volatile enough. What it needs is some mind which are more adept at handling pressure situations in a calmer manner. In certain cases, it is advantageous to be a woman as well. Consumers find women more appealing and that is why they are used for products ranging from washing powder (Nirma) to men’s does in ads. Women are also known to possess a higher sense of commitment and integrity which also helps when developing and building customer relationships. They will be much more caring even towards matters that may not require that much attention.
Into the future
Progress is headed in the right direction and more women empowerment is one of the main keys to it
While a lot of women have ventured into the world of real estate, a lot more are expected to do the same. One of the leading causes for this is the fact that top companies from around the world started the trend of improving the gender ratio within their working ranks.
Including women in real estate and developers in Bangalore would also be a fresh change to a male dominated industry where a different style of thinking could lead to a different approach in work methods and processes. It would also ensure that the talent pool and resources are not limited to only one particular gender. With the number of educated and qualified women having risen massively, some of these male dominated positions could become as shaky as the market becomes on occasions.
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