Protect your family’s Hearing

If you have a family member with hearing loss, ask them to speak to your about what it seems like to have reduced listening to, and why it’s important to guard their hearing now. Train your youngsters that on every occasion they disclose themselves to loud noises, their chance of hearing loss increases. Today’s all things working on technology which has pros and cons both. Our youth generation use listening device such as iPads, smart phones, and other MP3 players— can easily run 10 or more hours which affects you soft ear day by day.
Hearing aids is a small machine to enhances sounds so that if a person has disability from hearing loss they can hear and communicate with others.
Why It’s Important to Get Your Hearing Checked:
Regular check-ups of hearing are the best way to know, how your hearing health is doing. A check-up once a year is always a good idea. Audiologist is the physician who specializes in ear, nose and throat disorders and find the cause of the hearing loss. It identifies and measures hearing loss and will perform a hearing test measure type and degree of loss.
Several signs and symptoms of hearing loss, you should take a hearing test as soon as possible if you have experienced one or more of these signs. Here are the signs you should look out for:
•Inability to hear conversations in public places such as restaurants, shopping mall
•Frequently increasing the volume of the television or radio
•Often asking people to repeat themselves
•Difficulty hearing on the telephone
•Ringing sensation in the ears
So we are here to tell about how we protect your family by hearing problem:-
•Try to spread some awareness among the society and relatives about the harmful effects of loud noise.
•Use soundless like sparklers and spinners instead of bombs/fireworks.
•Maintain a distance of a few meters from the noisy environment. Burn crackers approx a few meter from the residential areas.
•Sound could be too loud if you have to raise your voice to speak to someone nearby.
•We all have portable ear plugs — push the little flap in front of your ear canal backwards to “close” the ear canal.
•Drink lot so water to make your body hydrated and healthy. If your vocal cords are dehydrated, they are more easily damaged and do not perform as well.
• Try to void excessive use of alcohol, caffeine and tobacco.
Use fireworks whose sound frequency is range between 130 and 160 dB (decibels). By using this maintain a distance of about 2-3 meters approx.
Here are few tips to protect your child’s hearing loss:-
• Use cotton balls or baby muffs; make sure that they are tightly rolled. Also, don’t push the cotton ball into the ears.
• Noise-induced hearing loss doesn’t occur overnight. So teach you child that avoid noise today otherwise it impacts later.
• To ensure your devices are set at a safe noise level like cell phones, tablets, computers, gaming systems and televisions.
• Your child should be wearing hearing protection. Foam earplugs can help protect the ears from noise damage.
• By taking care of your own ears, your child will learn the importance of protecting their ears.
• Holiday parties and concerts, sporting events, and other gatherings are part of the season.Remember to be mindful of the noise level.
Daily care of hearing aids:
• Hearing aids Keep away from heat and moisture.
• Clean hearing aids as instructed
• Avoid using hair dryer or other hair care products while wearing hearing aids
• Turn off hearing aids when they are not in use
• Exchange or Replace dead batteries immediately
• Important to replace batteries and small aids away from children and pets
Above are the tips and precautions, those know or aware about the safety terms and take precautions are healthy and joy the life with natural hearing. Range of human ear is 20 Hz-20 kHz, Avoid baby from this sound, placed baby at different room and all the doors and windows would be closed.
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