6 Proven Ways to Improve the Health of Your Skin

One of the skin’s main jobs is to protect our bodies from the outside worlds, and though it is quite good at its job – it is also the first one to suffer, either from external sources or from our own negligence. Skin’s regenerative properties are influenced by our own habits and if we want to improve its health, we might have to change them.

We have listed 6 ways which will help your skin be healthy again.

1. Skincare routine

We might wish to have smaller pores or less oily skin, but the truth is that every type carries its own problems. So before you start creating a skincare routine for yourself, note your skin type first (dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, sensitive skin or normal).
Depending on your skin type use the right cleanser, wash your face with the lukewarm water (never in hot), pat your face dry (don’t scrub). It is also good to use moisturizer in order to prevent your skin from drying up during the day. Also, don’t forget the sunscreen, especially in summer and winter.

2. Get your beauty sleep

Your skin hygiene routine may be flawless, but sleep may be the link you are lacking to obtain healthy-looking skin. Sleep deprivation causes stress to your body which can react with inflammatory skin. Not enough sleep means there is less time for the body to replenish its moisture, which can result in anything from puffy eyes to faster aging and even weight gain.

3. Exercise and tone your skin

Exercising won’t only make you feel good but will make you look good as well. The health of your skin is determined by the skin itself but also the muscles right under it. Do resistance exercises to tone these muscles into perfection. This includes any exercise in which you can use the weight of your own body, such as planks or lunges. Combine them with some cardio and you will have a perfect combo routine.

4. Stress no more

A stressful life loves taking its toll on your skin. Though you can’t just avoid stress, there are ways in which you can maintain it. Getting enough sleep and exercising are great techniques for managing your stress, but there are others as well. Caffeine and alcohol are bad for your skin in general, but they are also bad for your stress levels. They are stimulants your body doesn’t really need together with stress. Also, try to manage your time better and separate rest from work as much as it is possible.

5. Air humidity

With the increasing number of allergies, it has become evident that our surroundings aren’t as good for us as we would like them to be. Air quality inside can be especially problematic but there are ways to accommodate. You can use a dehumidifier to keep the level of humidity at an optimal level. This should also allow you to have a good night’s sleep.

6. Eat right

Just like exercising, eating right is necessary to have healthy skin. Try to avoid processed food, like junk food, food rich in sugar and also dairy. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables should help your skin, but what skin really prefers is the food rich in antioxidants, like tomatoes, and healthy fats, like in an avocado. Experts also recommend eating food rich in protein, because your skin needs it for the production of collagen. But if food isn’t enough to maintain your collagen, experts recommend Marine Collagen as it is a healthy and natural supplement.
The health of your skin is determined by your overall health. So in addition to right hygiene routine for your skin, it is also important to get enough sleep and to work out. By managing your stress, providing for better air quality and eating healthy, you are sure to succeed. Your new healthy habits will be reflected on your healthy skin.
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