Opportunities in Pharma Healthcare Industries

The Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industry is showing rapid growth day by day. Whether it is production, sales, marketing or export, the industry keeps increasing its size. And due to the encounter of this new CoronaVirus, the production, sale, and export of essential medicines and food supplements have increased. Talking about the annual turnover of India’s domestic pharmaceutical market, it has crossed the milestone of Rs 1.4 Lakh Crore and is still increasing. Its because manufacturing and production have increased with an increase in demand for pharmaceutical products. Therefore it is very clear that there are a lot of opportunities in this field and a huge requirement for managing professionals in this industry.

Career Opportunities in Pharma & Healthcare Industry in management sector:

Research and Development Manager:

The scope of pharmaceuticals is quite wide. Here the work related to the discovery and development of new medicines can be done. The R&D sector can be divided into categories such as generic products development, analytics R&D, APIs or bulk drug R&D. They all have their own super-specialization.

Production Manager:

A production manager analyzes and monitors the demand and supply of medicinal products and manages the production of items as per those requirements. With the ever-increasing demand for medicinal drugs and equipment, production has to be increased consecutively. Thus, the requirement for Production Managers increases as well.

Quality Control Manager:

This is a vital role of the pharmaceutical industry. In addition to research and development regarding new drugs, there is a need to ensure that the results & effects of these medicines, drugs, and equipment are being reported, they are safe, sustainable and in line with the expectation. It makes the quality control managers’ demands very high.

Branding and Sales Manager:

Many pharmaceutical companies make some different and some similar medicines with different brand names. And it becomes essential for a company to enhance its brand awareness and boost its sales and for this purpose, a team of marketing and sales managers is always required. Apart from the marketing and sale of the product, these professionals keep an eye on the market competition for which product has more possibilities in the market, according to which planning is done.

Other Career Opportunities in Pharma & Healthcare Industry:

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare is a very huge industry across the nation and the world. It does not only have good opportunities in managing Sector but for other professionals too who have done some other courses in the pharmaceutical field. And they are:

Clinical Research or Laboratory Analyst

Here, various research works are done on newly launched medicines to see how safe and effective they are. A clinical trial is conducted for this purpose. Many foreign companies are coming to our nation for clinical research and hence increasing the opportunities in this sector.

A Pharmacist:

A pharmacist is able to create existing and new medicines using his knowledge of various medicinal chemicals. He possesses a deep knowledge of medicinal items and knows their results.

A Chemist:

After pursuing a certain course in pharmacy and gaining experience, one can start its own business and can sell medicinal products.

Other Opportunities in this field are:

  1. Equipment and Tool Specialists
  2. Human Resources
  3. IT
  4. Educators
  5. Facilities Management
  6. Maintenance & Engineering
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