PGDM in Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Management

Just like any other industry, pharmaceutical industry also requires qualified professionals with managerial skills but MBA degree holders from just any stream are not suitable for this field. The desired candidate should have specific knowledge to cater specific needs of the pharmaceutical industry. And that is why a number of educational institutes are offering special PGDM programs in India that meet the needs of pharmaceutical industry.

For most of the people pharmaceutical industry is just about research and development of new medicine and distribution of these. But the industry has got many other issues to deal with as well which include making business related decisions, financial decision, taking care of expiry of patents, licensing, merging and more. To handle all these kinds of profiles a person needs to have a complete knowledge of pharmaceutical industry and he should also have the managerial skills. And PGDM in healthcare and pharmaceutical management courses help the student in gaining knowledge of the industry for their future job profile and at the same time polish the managerial skills in them.

What you need to do to be a pharmaceutical management professional?

A pharmaceutical management professional takes decisions related to R & D of new medicines, marketing, promotion, sales and for that one needs to have complete knowledge of both, the industry standards and the management tricks. A Pharma professional also needs to have a good command of language, good communication skills, good knowledge of business principles and if one has a science background, nothing is better than that.

If you have a science background and you have special interest in Pharma industry, PGDM in Pharmaceutical Management is your best option. There are two types of courses that you can apply for which are

Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmaceutical Management – It is about basic and fundamental knowledge of Pharmaceutical industry. Students learn pharmacology and at the same time about business administration as well.
Master’s Degree in Pharmaceutical Management – Master’s programme covers the courses that provide intense knowledge of Pharmacology, Pharma industry as well as the business management syllabus.

Career options – PGDM in Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Management promises a great career ahead. This course not only prepares a student for research jobs but also for managerial positions. The most common career options after this course are health market research, quality control management, pharmaceutical sales, pharmaceutical distributor, clinical trial management, health information management and consulting. The options are plenty for successful students having degree in pharmaceuticals and healthcare management.

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