Realtor Guide: 4 ways to build a very strong real estate agent brand online

In today’s internet marketing age, almost all the real estate agents are now using the internet as a medium of marketing.

But the most shocking aspect of the whole scenario is that I observed that all the real estate agents most especially in my niche were all using the same marketing technique.

Same marketing technique, same follow up technique and same social networking technique.

After observing this alarming trend, I asked myself “how do I build a very strong real estate brand that stands out both in uniqueness and standards – from the crowd in terms of marketing and follow up approach”.

After analyzing and reading different articles online on how to stand out from my competitors and to build not only a strong real estate agency brand but one that will last a life time, I finally got the keys.

These keys are what I will share with you today. I have used them personally and it has positioned me to take over my niche market.

I remember several of my clients telling me that every keyword they use to search on search engine regarding my niche market, my website will be the first real estate agents website to show up.

Some even go as far as asking me how I was able to achieve those fits.
These keys I will show you are not exaggerated but are the ones I used to dominate my niche on search engines despite the fact I was not financial buoyant when I started out.

If I can do it, then I believe you too can do it. It will only take your time and patience.

Now enough of the motivations, lets hit the track and go straight to where we are going.

Keys to build a very strong real estate brand online
1.   Study your competitors
The first thing I did when I started out was to study my competitors to find out what they are doing, how they are doing it, what works and what does not work for them.

That was how I was able to discover that they were all doing the same thing. Spying or studying your competitors will give you a big clue to move to the next level.

2.   Study other agents in other niche real estate
How was I able to discover that all the real estate agents was doing the same thing that is obsolete

It is because I studied other advanced real estate agents and brokers in other niche real estate who are ahead of me and I was able to learn a great deal simply by spying and studying them.

3.   Subscribe to a real estate marketing blog or join a real estate forum
I must confess to you that joining a real estate agents forum and subscribing to a real estate marketing blog was the first thing I did.

It sharpened my knowledge concerning marketing real estate online that I was able to spot weaknesses and strength of my competitors.

4.   Google is your friend
Google is another avenue I sharpened my knowledge of online real estate marketing. Each term or phrases I didn’t understand or need more explanation on, I always run to Google and he always answers me as a true friend.

5.   Build a real estate marketing idea
Now you have gotten all the knowledge you need to succeed on internet real estate marketing, your next step is to build a very strong marketing idea and follow them up with vigor and persistence.

Final thought
These are how I started and ended up dominating my niche. It was not rocket science or magic.

It took my time and efforts. That’s all it will require from you too. If you can give that to it, then the sky is not your limit but the moon, stars, mars or any of the planet will be your destination.

What were your challenges and how did you overcome them when you started out as a real estate agent.

I would like to hear from you. Please leave your testimonies on the comment box.

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