Natural Ways To Stay Healthy & Fashionable

“A fit, healthy body – that’s the best fashion statement”
-Jess C. Scott
This is an era where everyone is so conscious about their looks.  Fashion is there in the air. And, what all does people not do to stay up-to-date with the latest fashion? The fashion magazines are followed like religious texts and both men and women make sure that the latest trend is what they are in.
But, everyone forgets one important thing.
And, that’s what I quoted in the beginning of this article. Yes, a healthy, fit body and mind is the first and best fashion statement.
Staying healthy and fit in this fast-food age is a difficult thing to do; but, not an impossible task. For this, you just need to be a little more careful and cordial with your surroundings.
So, what are those ways you can follow to stay healthy and fashionable?

Wake Up to Your Daily Exercise

A morning walk or a morning jog can do wonders to your health. It will keep you out of all those negatives, and also will keep you fresh throughout the day.
Exercising regularly is that one thing you can do to keep yourself in shape.
But, many of us do make sure to keep ourselves out of the daily workouts. And, the reason we have, “I hardly have any time to spend for fitness routine”.
I am not asking you to spend your entire day in workouts. But, just a properly dedicated 30 minutes of warm-up before you get into the marathon of daily duties is enough.
And, next time when you give this excuse of “no time”, think to yourself; ‘It’s all about priorities’.
Let, staying healthy and fit be your first priority in life.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Keeping your weight under check is never a hideous process, never does it takes away the pleasures of your life.
But, keeping your weight in balance can do wonders to your fitness.
First of all, if you are overweight, focus on preventing yourself from gaining more weight. Maintaining your weight without increasing itself can save your health. Once, this is maintained, try to reduce a few pounds for a healthier living.
And, those you have a balanced weight, continue with a healthy diet. Concentrate more on fruits and vegetables, whole grains and keep red meat to minimum. Choose healthy fats, like polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats over bad fats such as, saturated or Trans fat.

Drink Water – that too, frequently

Even though there is no scientifically prescribed amount of daily water consumption, the safe side is to include at least 8oz of water to your daily diet. The amount of water consumption varies according to one’s physique, physical activity and exposure to sun.
Even then, make sure the water you drink is healthy enough and is rich in necessary minerals. And that’s why it’s necessary to choose your water filter system carefully.
There are various water filter systems available which filter water in varied ways, removing different impurities present in the water using different methods. First of all, get your kitchen water checked at a laboratory for the common impurities present in it. And, then choose the water filter accordingly.
Try including alkaline water to your diet. The fast-food culture has made our diet highly acidic, and it is important that you take the needed steps to balance the pH of your body. And, drinking alkaline water will the best option to attain this. The alkaline water is produced by the Water Ionizer Machines.

Avoid Smoking; Alcohol Only in Moderation

Do you smoke? Then, quitting that will be the best thing you can do to save your health.
Yes, it could be a difficult task, but it’s never impossible.
Similarly, moderating the alcohol consumption is good for your heart.
Alcohol consumption and smoking can increase the risk of cancer, a known fact, but, seldom followed.
As the initial step towards cutting the alcohol consumption, try limiting the daily limit to one or two glasses, strictly. During parties and meals, go for a non-alcoholic drink.

Protect Yourself from the Sun

The morning and evening sun rays are said to be good for your body and healthy living. But, too much exposure to sun rays can affect your healthy in a very bad way. It can lead you to various healthy conditions such as fatigue, or even skin cancer, at its extreme.
It’s always better to avoid the direct sunlight between 10.00 am and 4.00 pm. Even if you want to go out in the sun during this peak burning hours, try protecting yourself by wearing a hat, or using an umbrella, or wearing a long-sleeve. Use the sunscreen with SPF15 or higher.

Social Bonding is really Important

Man is a social animal, and isolation can lead him to a worthless life. And since, it’s really important that you have enough social life.
The technology got advanced so much that we all got too much strangled in its clutches. People got dangerously cut off from others, increasing the occurrence of depression and feelings of isolation.  The day-to-day lives of many of us are spent without making meaningful relations, even when we are surrounded by people.
Remember that physical touch is so important, something that internet or other advanced technology can’t provide. The healing power of love and other relationships has been studied and documented decades back, but the realization is yet to strike our brains.
You could be a really busy person, caught in between you and your professional life. But, for a healthy and long life, look up and see the world around you. There are people, lots and lots of people. Get out, and get yourself socialized. Spend quality time with your family.
Make that effort today.

Get a Regular Hours of Sleep

Insomnia and sleep problems are usual problems faced by people these days. Along with that, the dependence on sleeping pills is also at its rise.
This trend is alarming. The use of pills can be habit-forming and over time the pills can make insomnia even worse.
Our daily sleep hours are regulated by our brain. It’s the nervous system chemicals, melatonin and cortisol that tell our brain the time to sleep and wake-up. And, by getting regular hours of sleep, every day we strengthen our natural sleeping rhythm.


All the points stated above for a healthy living can be against your present life style. But, I will say, to live a fashionable life, it is important that you keep your body and mind healthy.
Happy living.

About the Author

Maria McCarthy, an enthusiastic academician and health blogger, finds special interest in exploring and writing articles about health and nutrition. She also works for a wellness company named TyentUSA and is responsible for product quality assurance.
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