More Investments Predicted In Luxury Properties Across Dubai In 2019

Dubai remained a hub for investments in the property market throughout 2018. With a wide variety of luxury properties available on market, ease in securing loans, and low property prices, the real estate market was taken by storm last year. According to estimates, the investors spent somewhere around 14 billion in the property market in Dubai. And, with buying being more beneficial than renting, it is expected that this same trend will continue to flourish in 2019 as well. Furthermore, as the demand for luxury properties in Dubai is continuously on the rise, more and more private advisory services are upping their game to help the prospects in acquiring some exclusive properties as soon as they get on the market.

The Impact Of Policies
Last year, the real estate market in Dubai saw huge success and the new policy implemented by the UAE government which allows for long-term visas granted to the property owners has played an important role in that. The property sales have increased quite a lot and offer the expertise tobuy and sell property in Dubai. A recently conducted study ranks Dubai amongst the top 5 locations around the world where people showed more interest in buying new properties, making more online searches for Dubai real estate. Emirates Hills in Dubai was placed after Beverley Hills, United States as it continues to be most sought after market for luxury properties. And, believe it or not, the Government Policies have a big role to play in that.

The price drop as well as increasing benefits associated with owning real estate properties have lead more investors to go for Dubai mansions and luxury properties more than before. People are attracted more towards affordable units globally. Particularly, the market in Dubai has caught great attention among Chinese nationals. The efforts of the DLD have also attracted increasing number of Chinese Investors to Dubai during last five years or so. As a result, Chinese population seems to be increasing in UAE and stats show a 53% rise. The increase has caused the Chinese population across UAE to grow to around 230000 and there are around four thousand Chinese companies out there. The relationship between China and UAE has seen significant growth since the visit of Chinese President to UAE in July last year. It’s expected to continue on the same uptrend during 2019 as well.

Market Growth Paving Way For Future Success
Due to the growth of property market in Dubai, the experts in luxury property market are coming forward to help the renters as well as buyers in coming up with accommodations that they’ll fall in love with. There are registered luxury property experts that work hard to bring the best properties in Dubai to their clients giving them the ultimate sense of satisfaction. They’re looking forward to helping more and more clients find their dream home in Dubai.

The US News suggests that real estate prices in Dubai could decline by 10%. As far as major developers are concerned, the excessive supply of properties is causing the prices to go down. It is expected that the prices will keep on falling until they may regain stability by 2020. And, with the luxury homes becoming more affordable for the residents, the property market in UAE is expected to keep on drawing more scouters and investors in 2019 even in the most exclusive neighborhoods such as Emirates Hills. Even though the turn real estate market has taken may not be too favorable for the developers and builders in UAE. However, it is very much favorable for the investors who can pave way for their successful future right now. As we move further in 2019, the market is expected to keep on developing as the international hotspot offering plenty of luxury homes.

So, as predicted, with more investments coming to UAE and the property prices on a downward spiral, it’s high time that you consider your options and invest in Dubai’s luxury homes.

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