5 Reasons Why B Pharma Should be Your Career Option

B. Pharm or Bachelor of Pharmacy is an undergraduate degree for the registration to practice as a pharmacist. It specializes in understanding the properties of medicines and deals in developing the skills required to inform patients about their use. It has scope in both governments as well as private sectors.

Here are the various options that can be pursued after this degree, making them valuable reasons for you to make it your career option.

1.    Drug Inspector in Government Sector– Drug inspection is a profitable career option. This is a post under the government sector which comes with good earning and reputation. The starting salary for being a drug inspector ranges from around 55,000-65,000 INR monthly. Annual Increments are provided for.

2.    Medical Underwriting– Graduates from B.Pharm can start with medical underwriting by being recruited by small companies or even bigger companies who are employing freshers. With 2-3 years of experience, you may expect around 35,000-40,000 INR monthly.

3.    Pharmacist– Respectable salary is withdrawn by pharmacists employed on a permanent basis in Central Government Hospitals like ESIC and AIIMS, Railways and states like Delhi. Starting salary for a government employed Pharmacist may be around 41,000 INR per month which is increased as time varies.

4.  Formulation Development– Pharmaceutical development is the development of a bioavailable, stable and optimal dosage form for a specific administration route. The goal is to assist clients in identifying the best form of delivery and the most viable manufacturing strategy for their lead candidate. A lot of posts like a manager, assistant manager, project assistant and research scientist are available after higher studies.

5.    Owning a Pharmaceutical business– Starting your own medical shop is a good option. This is a risky but fruitful career option if successful. Start at a small scale and then increase your scale in the market. You never know how or when you may capture the whole local market in the long run!

Now, having discussed all the career options available to choose from, what are some of the good colleges in Pune which provide high-quality education in the said field?

Here is a list of best b pharmacy colleges in Pune which must be considered in your wish list:

1.    Savitribai Phule Pune University– This is a government university based in Pune which provides both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Pharmacy.

2.    MIT World Peace University– This is a private university for undergraduate and coursesin Pharmacy. It accepts exam results of GPAT and MT CET Pharmacy.

3.    Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth– This is also a government university which provides undergraduate and postgraduatecourses in Pharmacy.

4.    Poona College of Pharmacy– Based in Pune, this university provides undergrad and post- grad courses in pharmacy. It accepts the results of GPAT examination. The duration of the course is 4 years with an annual fee of 4.35 lacs.

5.    Sinhgad Institute of Pharmacy– This is another Pune-based university which accepts the GPAT examination results and has an annual fee of 4.93 lacs.

6.    AISSMS College of Pharmacy– This is a private university which provides the undergraduate course in Pharmacy. It accepts the examination results of MT CET Pharmacy. It collects an annual fee of 3.2 lacs with a duration of 4 years.

The main extract of the above information is that there are a lot of opportunities for skilled and well-educated pharmacy professionals in India as well as abroad. To be accurate, the global recession has no impact on the pharmaceutical industry as compared to any other said industry.

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