Link Building Or Link Gaining?

What is the difference between gaining links and building links? Is there any? My answer to this is yes, but you may think otherwise. For those who are unfamiliar, link building is a process of SEO to help build up some authority to your website. This can be done in several ways.
  • Guest Post
  • Infographic
  • Video
  • Directory
  • Etc.
Link building would be you trying hard to gain links by reaching out to websites and blogs to publish your website URL on there website. It seems like an easy thing to do, but a lot of work is needed to gain good links.


Good Links And Bad Links

SEO experts will tell you that you can have both good and bad links. How to identify them links is down to you, what would you see as a bad link for me it would be:
  1. Forum/comment spam
  2. Directories
  3. Paid links

There is a lot more but these 3 are my main focus for bad links. Bad links can be identified by search engines and your website can suffer extreme penalties which are hard to recover from.

I see Good links as links that you have made effort to get, either by writing a guest post or reaching out an infographic. I would class these as good links.


Now to the fact is it better to build your links through the standard link building methods or would it be better to gain them links naturally?


How To Gain Links Naturally

You may be thinking, how do I gain links without reaching out to people, the main way would be great content, if you post articles on your own site which are out of this world then somebody might write an article about your article. That’s a little harder, or say for example you write a unique article on “How coca cola won in the race against pepsi” then maybe one day somebody is writing an article about Coke and Pepsi and they have read your article in the past, then they could link your article into theirs. Another way is infographics, which does fall under the category of great content, so do videos, if you create great content then people will be willing to link back to your content purely because its great and not because you have asked them to. Which I say would be you gaining a link naturally. If you write a good story on “Salmon” the BBC might pick up on that and then write an article about your “salmon” article which would also be great and also be a natural link. Here is the list of sites which accepts guest posting.


Link Building

Link building is you reaching out to the blog or website you want to publish on and basically asking them if they will let you publish. I think this method is good but it is not natural and you have pretty much built the link yourself. If you are a SEO expert who uses directories and citations to build links then this method is okay for small sites that are starting up, but do not try this for your larger sites or they will most probably be penalized. Gain your links as natural as you can and always try to avoid spam.


You can see some other methods of building links and some great infographics over at infographic updates. Always remember, try and build them links naturally and remember Matt Cutts “Its not about links, its about the great content”


Paul Gray is a digital consultant for Quaeromedia who also runs his own websites such as Worldwidetrending. He likes to knowledge his readers on all different methods of SEO and likes to help teach people things they may not already know.
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