How Tiny URLs have made house hunting easier

We live in a time where everything we desire is available at the click of a mouse button, house renting is no exception. In the past decade the real estate business has seen some major changes, all thanks to easily accessible online house renting portals. With time, the way we look at the real estate market has also changed. All the properties are made available for the online buyers and renters. In the past few years, even social networking has helped the house seekers and owners immensely. Renting a flat nowadays is as easy as buying a pair of shoes. There are multiple options available for all the requirements. The only problem with online house renting is the involvement of brokers. For that there are websites like that offers a completely broker free platform and ensure 100% brokerage free properties. Additionally, for making the house seeking an easy task, they introduced a new feature that enables every user to advertise their needs on social networks for free.

This unique feature allows house seekers to make a Flyer with all their requirements and advertise it on their respective social circles. If you are looking for a house for rent in bangalore, the first thing that crosses your mind is to ask your friends, but the problem with one-to-one conversation is that you have to tell your requirements to all of them again and again. So, you decide to ask the same question on various social networks, sharing all the details with just one click. That is where the flyers are immensely helpful. The flyer is followed by generation of a Tiny URL for the flyer that carries your details. These tiny URLs can easily be posted to Facebook/ Twitter. They are designed to fit into Twitter’s characters limit. One can visit these links without having to go to any website.

The best part of the tiny URL is that it gives you your own space to display your property. You can also share the pictures of your flat, if you are the owner. The flyer is designed in such a way that it doesn’t reveal your personal details, only the details of the property. The website acts as the mediator making sure the process does not involve any brokers. All you have to do is create a flyer and advertise it. The chances of finding a flat through the flyer is more as there are many people offering the flat, the flyer is the best way to find those people online.

Below is an example of the flyer with Tiny URL mentioned on it. All the details of the house seeker can be found by merely clicking on the link

If you need a flat on rentI, or PGs on short term or long term, all you have to do is fill in your details, generate a flyer and share the flyer through tiny URLs. Using Tiny URLs and Flyers to advertise your property is the easiest and most unique way to find flats and flatmates. Finding a flat on rent online has never been easier.

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