Last-Minute Tips to Crack JEE Main 2021 April Exam the Topper’s Way

With the JEE Main 2021 April session approaching nearer, why not look at some last-minute exam tips to crack the exam like a Topper? These proven tricks can be a handful for the students who will execute them in their final phase of preparation. According to Bo Sanchez – “Education without Execution is Extinction.” So, we can share ideas, but it is upto the students to implement.

This entrance exam is like bread and butter for engineering aspirants, as doing well ensures a seat among the IITs or NITs. This ultimately proves a game-changing experience for the candidates as they can bag lucrative salaries with top employers across the world.

These institutes also encourage research, innovation, and entrepreneurship, which attract aspirants worldwide who have an entrepreneurial and innovative mind. Henceforth, exams like JEE Main 2021 become highly crucial for aspirants. But not to worry! Here, students can find some kick-ass tricks to crack the exam with flying colors.

JEE Main 2021 – Strategies and Tips to Crack the Exam like Topper’s Way

Since there is not much time for the JEE Main 2021 April Session exam, candidates should not start any new topic, and it’s better to revise what you have studied so far. So, here are some tips for students to follow in these final hours.

Revise and Back your strengths

It’s better for the candidates to stick to the basics of the subject at this moment in time. It’s better not to go through any new topics. Students must revise the crucial topics again and again. Trying new chapters now may disturb one’s preparation and mindset.

Solve Previous Years Papers and take Mock Tests

This will be the best way to analyze the strengths and weaknesses. Since the pattern has changed this year, it’s good to try mock tests because it will give aspirants an idea of managing time and solving questions successfully. Try to enhance the speed in solving questions that will be useful at the time of the exam.

Plan and Execute for JEE Main 2021

As Einstein said, “A Fool with a Plan can beat a Genius without a Plan”. Preparing a plan is important for any situation, especially for exams. Without a plan for how intelligent you might be, you’ll end up on the losing side.

Students must analyze strengths and weaknesses and invest more time in the topics they are not good at. Just believe in your potential and back your strengths. If students think that planning is the only thing that brings the desired results, then that’s not right. Execution of plans is as important as planning. Go according to the plan to get good results.

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Stay Mentally Strong

These entrance tests are not everything, so one must stay relaxed and calm. Taking excessive stress in life doesn’t stress will hamper performance. Sporting stalwarts and other notable personalities all over the world have voiced to destress yourself on the D-day. Always back your instincts and strengths. Be confident and stay strong.

Relieve Stress

Preparing for exams tires the brain. So taking appropriate breaks and relieving stress in this final phase of preparation is very important. As the JEE Main 2021 exam date for the April session is coming closer, aspirants must not put a lot of pressure. One must take off the pressure, go for a walk or listen to soothing music or atleast do meditation. One’s mind should be fresh before sitting for the next session.

Time Management is Key to JEE Main 2021 Success

Try to take at least one JEE Main 2021 mock test a day. This will give students an idea of how to approach the exam. Mock tests within time constraints will help students in Time Management.

Basic Topics to be Revised for JEE Main 2021

Every subject has some important topics that students must revise before the exam. Mentioned below are the important topics to revise the JEE Main 2021 exam:


  • Sequences and Series
  • Quadratic Equations
  • Vectors and 3D
  • Statistics
  • Mathematical Reasoning
  • Height and Distance


  • Elasticity
  • Thermal expansion
  • Gravitation
  • Semiconductors
  • Surface tensions and Viscosity
  • Units and Dimensions
  • Heat transfer
  • Instruments (Vernier Caliper, Screw gauge)


  • Atomic structure
  • Period table
  • Mole concept
  • States of Matter
  • p-block and s-block
  • Structures (carboxylic acid, phenol, ether, alcohol)

Topper’s Tips for JEE Main 2021

  1. Don’t stick to a single subject all the time.
  2. Take a proper amount of sleep.
  3. A good diet is essential to stay active.
  4. Most experts say that chemistry is far easier than the other two subjects. So during the time of exam allot less time to this subject and more time to other two subjects.
  5. Don’t get stuck on a single question during the exam because this will waste a lot of time. Just skip that question, and you can come back to it after some time.
  6. The last and the most important thing to take care of is the JEE Main 2021 OMR sheet. Allot some time for going through the answers on the OMR sheet because you may have got correct answers while solving, but if you haven’t marked it correctly on the sheet, it costs a lot.

Tips are useless unless it is executed properly. So, we request students to read the above tricks and, most importantly, try implementing the same if not implemented yet. JEE Main 2021 is an exam that must be prepared from the 12th standard or at least with one year in hand. During the final phase of preparation, like two months before the exam, one must revise and practice question papers. With about a month ahead of the exam, taking mock tests, revision, and proper rest should be the way to go. So, we request students to take a rest and revise important topics now. We wish all the prospective aspirants all the best for the upcoming JEE Main exams this year.

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