NDA 2021 – Tips and Tricks To Crack SSB Interview & Psychological Tests

nda 2021

NDA 2021 (I) is set to be conducted on 14th April 2021. With the exam near, many applicants are having doubts about how to clear the SSB Interview. But do not worry and destress yourself as we will share some authentic tricks to crack the SSB Interview here. Adding to that, we have also shared a few Dos and Don’ts before the Psychology Test. Doing well in the SSB Interview is crucial for final selection in the NDA 2021 exam.

The SSB interview comprises stage I and stage II. Stage (I) will include Officer Intelligence Rating and Picture Perception & Description Test. While, stage (II) will consist of Group Testing Officer Tasks, Interviews, Psychology Tests, and Conferences. Candidates must read on to know how to crack the NDA SSB Interview.

Tricks to crack the NDA SSB Interview and Psychology Test (2021)

After qualifying for the NDA 2021 Written Test, the next task is to crack the SSB Interview. Cracking the interview and psychology test is not a cakewalk if you are not guided properly. So, here are some expert tricks to do well in the NDA SSB Interview 2021.

  1. Be an Individual of your word: Always be an individual of your word. Always keep your word. This isn’t some trick. It is essential to develop trust in the exam authorities for you, a key element in NDA.
  2. Do not Argue, Just Debate: Do not start arguing unruly during the GD. Behave calmly and find the right opportunity to express. Also, during a debate, try to voice the opinions without agitating. Listen carefully to what other candidates are saying, and when they mention something irrational, start using it against them.
  3. Never give the info first; provide a story: Although data is usually essential, people tend to believe stories and overlook data. So, while presenting someone some data, provide it with a story first.
  4. Hit the nail with Facts: While presentability is important, so as content. And in such events, any idea or opinion should be backed up with facts. Present the facts for the right topic and in an appropriate manner. Take care that the sources of the data are authentic.
  5. Arrive early at the venue: It’s not a punctuality issue or anything; it’s just a matter of proper etiquette and manners while meeting someone for any official purpose. The interviewers will get an impression of professionalism and dedication in the applicant.
  6. Giving a bold presentation: Applicants must provide a crisp and bold presentation that will stand out of the lot in the NDA SSB Interview. Add cool stories, plot twists, opening icebreakers, humorous self-mockery, and end the presentation on a serious note (Driving home the fact on which the presentation is given).
  7. It’s not what one says; it’s how it is said: Presentability is something important while voicing your opinion. Regardless of the opinion on any matter, applicants must present them in a way that does not hurt anyone’s feelings. The opinions should be put in a very constructive manner. This skill will come in handy in GD, Lecturette, or Interview.
  8. Reveal the dark side: Nobody trusts an individual without a dark side. Applicants will need to build trust with an interviewer. They must be convincing enough before the interviewer. For that reveal about your secrets. A childhood tragedy or a relationship went wrong. Applicants can tell the interviewer how any setback affected them and how they got over it. This will surely help to crack the SSB interview.
  9. Know where to stop: Applicants must be very calculative with what they say in the Interview. Do not speak unnecessarily. One should stick to the main point of discussion. Never overstay the welcome, which applies to conversations too. Keep an eye to eye contact with the interviewer, state the facts and opinions in a relaxed way.

Do’s and Don’ts during the NDA SSB Interview and Psychological Test 2021

Some major points that should be kept in mind during the UPSC NDA SSB Interview and Psychology Test are mentioned below:

  • You must listen and follow all the instructions carefully.
  • Get all the doubts cleared before the test begins.
  • Try to be creative and spontaneous during this round.
  • Must give the first reactions to the stimulus shown to you. Don’t think twice as there is no right or wrong answer to the situation. Every applicant is entitled to their response in their own ways.
  • Write the responses in simple language and clearly.
  • The candidates must write their responses connected with the stimulus given to them.
  • One must be realistic and logical with their responses.
  • Always stay on the toes during the entire process.
  • Don’t forget to carry a blue or black pen.
  • In case any applicant finds a problem in the picture visibility, check with the psychologist on duty problem after the picture or word is shown.
  • Applicants must sleep early at night to wake up early in the morning on the day of the interview.
  • Be on time and write your name, batch no., and chest no. correctly.
  • Candidates must maintain silence while the instructions are given.
  • Try to accommodate all the answers within the space present in each test as no extra sheet is provided along with the 16-page dossier.

NDA – Psychological Test Don’ts

  • Try not to use coached or tutored ideas while responding to the psychological test batteries.
  • To do well in the psychology test, being nervous is ill-advised. One should be calm and relaxed.
  • Do not be late while reporting to the exam hall.
  • Don’t make any unnecessary noise.
  • Carrying mobile phones is not allowed inside the exam hall.
  • Do not try to cheat or copy the answers of other aspirants.
  • Aspirants must not consult for answers to particular questions from other candidates.
  • You must not disturb other examinees during the exam and also must stay within the vicinity of the exam hall during any breaks.

That is all for now! We are sure that the Tips and Tricks mentioned above about NDA SSB Interview and Psychology Test will help aspirants to perform well in that round. With the exam so near, applicants must also take care of health and focus on revision. They must not start any new topic at this point. Also, in between sufficient breaks are needed to remain fresh before the exam.

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