How to Prepare for College: A 2020 Guide

For seniors in high school, the next great step in life is college. Moving out and living on your own for the first time is a huge step. It’s time to make new friends, learn something you are passionate about, and finally focus on your career. College is about preparing you for adulthood in almost every avenue possible, and you can emerge a fully independent adult with a job offer, but only if you follow these steps to prepare for college.

1. Know What You Want to Do
The infamous gap year is often taken by students who want to set out and discover themselves and what they want to do. In theory, this is excellent. In reality, it often becomes an excuse to party it out or go traveling. Not only will that sort of gap year not help you determine what you want out of life, but it is also only available for those whose ventures are funded, often, by their parents.
In reality, the best way to take your “gap year” is to work. Internships, job placements, shadowing opportunities, and even short courses can all do wonders to help you understand what you are interested in and what you want to do with your life. So, if you are struggling, taking a year off to try out different things and work in different industries is a must. As a bonus, you’ll already have a great amount of work experience you can use to secure better internships and even have a job offer right out of college.
2. Explore All Industry-Related Courses
All you need to know is what industry you want to get involved in. Your Bachelor’s is a foundation in that industry or subject and will help you enter the job market of your choice or give you the necessary qualifications to pursue higher education.
You can also specialize early on with a more marketable focus in the job market. The point is you won’t know what you can do unless you explore all the courses available in your field of interest. Once you have a shortlist, use this college comparison tool to help you narrow down your options by the quality of school and its environment.
3. Improve Your Application
It’s never too late to get in one last extra-circular into your application. Your senior year is the perfect time to do this. Just make sure that the options you choose will work to help your application at your chosen college.
4. Know the Opportunities
After applying, it is a good idea to look at all the opportunities your top schools offer. This can help you decide on the right one for you if you get more than one acceptance back. Opportunities like internships provided to students in your department, competitions your school will help you apply to, job placements, and even the club and societies available can help you really get the most out of your degree.
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