Top Tips for Getting Through Quarantine

Due to COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus pandemic, most of us are quarantined at home to minimize the impact of coronavirus and lower down coronavirus active cases. During these uncertain times of coronavirus pandemic which has resulted in unsurpassed infection rates and deaths all over the world, you may feel hard to spend your time due to sudden break in your routine and self-imposed quarantine and lockdown. So, we have come up with below 20 handy tips to help you deal with your quarantine time during coronavirus pandemic.

Tips to help to deal with quarantine during coronavirus pandemic:

1. Create a quarantine routine: It will give you a sense of control and stability. Create a routine, such as waking up at 070 am, eat breakfast, mediate at 8.30 am, attending online lectures from 10.30 am to 11.30 am, lunch at 01.00 pm, doing something for body like Yoga or treadmill at 02.30 pm, hobbies at 04.00 pm, board games and social media from 05.00 to 06.30 pm, dinner at 08.30 pm, strolling in backyard, TV at –0.30 PM and going to sleep at 10.30 pm.
2. Take one day at a time: Dedicate each day of your home quarantine to specific activity, like de-cluttering the home, doing hobby painting, meditation, learning new words, etc.
3. Put health first: Exercise to stay fit. Strengthen your immune system to beat COVID-19 by eating citrus fruits, broccoli, yogurt, almonds, etc.
4. Stay positive: Have a positive attitude. This will make you feel more energetic and prepared to be the Novel Coronavirus pandemic. Your positive attitude will also spread positivity in your household and everyone will feel confident of dealing with the situation. You will have increased resistance to common cold and better psychological and physical wellbeing.
5. Socialise online with friends: Play online games with friends to socialize, such as Sea of Thieves, GTA Online, Clash Royale and Ticket to Ride.
6. Read lots of books: Read the books you have purchased but didn’t get time all these months. You can also order some online books through Amazon to read on your mobile, iPad, tablet or kindle. You can also listen to audio books on Audible for a more relaxed feel.
7. Start a project: Straighten or redo your wall hangings, clean your curtains and lamps, moisturize your wooden cutting boards in the kitchen, clean up your yard, or rearrange things in your home for a fresh perspective.
8. Set some goals: Set some short or long term goals during your quarantine period, such as constantly refreshing newsfeeds, starting a journal or blog, completing a puzzle, writing poetry, skin-care routine, trying out all clothes, etc. These goals will help you feel more accomplished and in control.
9. Challenge yourself: Consider posting an unflattering photo of yourself, or post an unflattering photo on Instagram. Create some quarantine memes. You will feel that you aren’t alone as you might have felt, and make you bond better with others. 10. Learn a new skill: Watch a webinar, earn a certification in digital marketing, learn gardening, food preservation, home repair, cooking, set up a home movie theatre, or take your best bath ever.
11. Break up your day: Don’t just take a break, take coffee break. Your commute time is still your time, so enrich and entertain yourself at home during the saved time, schedule calls to socialize with co-workers, call your grandparents, do exercises. Break the day in few time slots to da a specific activity on each day of your quarantine time.
12. Help others: You can still help others while in quarantine by volunteering at a crisis hotline, volunteer or donate to your local food bank or community kitchen, visit the website of a place of worship to see how you can help, feed stray cattle in your area, or donate online to a charity.
13. Wash your hands: Wash your hands frequently with soap for 20 seconds or apply sanitizer. Avoid handshakes or touching doorknobs, lift buttons, etc. Always wash your hands after vising a store or coming home from outside.
14. Keep fit: Exercise regularly and eat healthy meals that boost your immunity. It will help you keep the coronavirus infection away, while you will also be able to avoid accumulating extra weight.
15. Relax: Do some relaxing activities such as listening to music, playing video games, or chatting with friends, or hosting an online party with friends. You will feel relaxed and involved at the the same time.
16. Fight boredom: catch up with loved ones over video calls, learn how to cook better, meditate and reflect, watch movies, play an instrument, pick up a new hobby, write a gratitude list, make a smoothie, work on your financial planning skin care, facial, or play a game from your childhood.
17. Family time: Strengthen bonding with your spouse, children and parents. Make shampoo and conditioning time fun and educational. Practice active learning skills and listen to your family’s expectations from you. Work out daily activities together with your children. Plan seeing a movie or soap opera with your family together.
18. Sleep well: Get your sleep cycle back on track during these uncertain times of COVID-19 lockdown. Sound sleep of 8 to 10 hours will help you overcome anxiety, stress-related fatigue, and stay active. Utilize relaxation technique such as deep breathing, stretching, yoga, etc. for best results. Once your recover your missed sleep, you will feel more energized and better prepared for other works.
19. Stay hydrated: Keep drinking water throughout the day as people often forget to drink water when in anxiety. Water affects mood, energy and concentration. So, more water you drink, better will be your mood and energy level. This will also help in your digestion and also keep some gastrointestinal illnesses away.
20. Get some sunshine: Pandemic or not, getting sunshine each day is important for your health. You get vitamin D when in sunshine. However, avoid peak hours to prevent sunburns. Lay in the sun and read a good book, or lay down a yoga mat in the balcony and do a calming yoga.
Following these tips, you will be able to use your novel coronavirus quarantine time in a productive and engaging way, while still maintaining social distancing and meeting the government’s directives.
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