How to Pick Best Work Outfits for Women

While going for a job interview or starting a new job, one of the most common dilemmas people have is their attire. What should you wear to the office? Should it be formal or semi-formal, business, or casual? If you too are in two minds regarding your office wear and are not the of the organization’s dress code policy, then the best option is to choose the tried and tested corporate attire for women. One of the best ways to ensure you are dressed perfectly for work is by asking HR about the office policy regarding workwear. Even if your workplace is a new age business, with the freedom to dress as you want, do wear professional work clothes for women, at least twice a week. They always give a good impression and you come across as a capable and efficient resource. And, it’s a fact that well-dressed personnel gets more promotions.

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What is the business dress code?

When you work in an office, there are rules regarding what to wear for business meetings and corporate functions. Striking a balance between style and professionalism has never been easy, but thanks to an amazing array of outfits available for women from Urbanic, you can easily look professional without compromising on your style quotient. If you wish to decode the business dress code to look chic and proper for your office meetings, you should understand the difference between the different types of work outfits for women. While men only have suits to rely on, for women, business attire has several options ranging from trousers, pantsuits, dresses, and separates. Let’s have a look at the different types of workwear below.

  1. Business casual wear

Unlike formals, business casual offers a relaxed style of dressing for workwear. Usually, it is preferred in contemporary surroundings or for casual Fridays in conservative offices.

  1. Formal business wear

This type of attire is more sophisticated and better suited for a formal environment. It is ideal to be used in traditional offices for presentations and client meetings.


  1. Office business attire

Your attire for the office should be comfortable and easy to move in. You can choose from a range of comfortably fitting trousers skirts or dresses as per your office’s policy.

  1. Attire for interviews

For a professional job interview, it is important to look smart and polished to create a good first impression. Opt for well-fitted corporate attire for women and complement it with minimal accessories including a handbag.

  1. Attire for an after-hours work event

Sometimes, you are required to attend events after business hours. In that case, you require a dress which is formal, yet stylish. Alternatively, you can also opt for a slim suit which is teamed up with a classic blouse instead of a collared shirt.

  1. Business attire for summers

Since it can be very hot during the summers in the Indian Subcontinent, you should opt for trousers in lightweight fabric or dresses which are formal. Also, get light suits constructed of linen or cotton fabrics that can come in handy for meetings. These are ideal women’s work clothes for summers that will keep you cool and look professional at the same time.

  1. Business attire for winters

To beat the cold, you can switch to a turtleneck sweater beneath the blazer to provide you warmth and style. Choose blazers in warm fabrics and opt for closed shoes instead of heels or sandals to keep you comfortably warm.

  1. Casual Clothing

Some offices do not have a formal dress code. However, that does not mean that you can wear almost anything to the office. Though there are no restrictions when it comes to clothing, it is important to wear clean, ironed clothes that are appropriate for the workplace without looking out of place.

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Understanding the corporate attire for women

Dressing for work requires a lot of input unless you know what the appropriate workwear at your office is. Here are some work outfits for women that can help you decode the dress code at your office.

  1. Business Formal Attire

In the case of business formals, you are expected to dress in the most professional attire. Depending on your workplace, for a woman, it means dressing up in a well-cut skirt or pantsuit, preferably in neutral colors like blue, black, or brown. This should be accompanied by a button-up shirt in light colors. The footwear should be closed-toed heels in neutral colors, and accessories should be limited to conservative choices like stud earrings.

  1. Business Professional Attire

For a business professional look, you should be dressed in traditional corporate attire for women. However, the color palette can be a bit more outgoing than strictly conservative workwear. You can team a suit, jacket, or skirt top in sober and neutral colors with colored button-up shirts in a solid color. In the case of skirts, opt for darker nude-colored hosiery. Closed-toed pumps in neutral colors are the preferred choice for footwear. Though you may wear larger jewelry pieces, they should not be distracting.

  1. Business Casual Attire

To sport a business casual look, you can opt for different colors and accessories without compromising on your professional look. In this case, you can opt for business separates instead of a full suit. They can be paired with colored blouses and shirts, either in a solid color or muted patterns. You should avoid wearing low-cut shirts, neon colors, or bold patterns. Accessories can be bold, trendy, and even of high street fashion. Footwear should comfortable, preferably closed-toe, in different colors though neutral colors are still the preferred ones.

  1. Workplace Casual Attire

If your workplace allows casual dressing, be careful not to go overboard with too much casual dressing and unusual “creativity”. For this, you can pair nice-fitting blouses with slacks or skirts in a casual fabric. Though denim is an excellent option, avoid wearing cut-off or flare jeans. You can wear open-toed shoes but avoid flip-flops or sneakers. Casual accessories including bracelets, scarves, hoop earrings, rings, or necklaces can be worn. Usually, there are no restrictions regarding hairstyle and hair color.

Different types of work clothes for women

There are so many types of work clothing available for women. We may be spoilt for choice, but sometimes it gets confusing on what to select and pick. We are well aware of the dilemma and therefore have curated some excellent options for you to invest in. With these clothes in your wardrobe, you can easily mix and match them to create smart office dressing.

  1. Business shirts

A button-up shirt is ideal for the workplace as they are professional and make you look smart. Opt for neutral colors including black and white as they can be paired with a wide range of colors and clothes, and are suitable for all occasions.

  1. Business pants

There are different options available for business pants, including boot-cut, straight-leg, cigarette style, etc. Choose the style which best suits your body type. The fit should be ideal and not too body-hugging. The length of the trouser should be perfect. Choose neutral colors like black, grey, brown, or navy as they are ideal for the office and can be teamed up with different colored shirts to assemble ideal work outfits for women.

  1. Business skirts

Though skirts are perfect for business wear, the key is getting the length right. It should be either knee-length or below with a comfortable fit that is not too tight. Usually, there shouldn’t be any slit in the skirt, however, in case there is a slit, it should not rise too high. Preferred business skirt styles are a pencil skirt or an A-line one.

  1. Business dresses

Well-fitted dresses in a nice length (finishing at the knee or below it) are excellent corporate attire for women. However, care should be taken that the dress is not too revealing or inappropriately tight. Usually, long or short-sleeved dresses are preferable at work, though sleeveless dresses can also be worn if teamed up with a blazer or sweater.

  1. Business suits

Business suits can be teamed up with a pant or a skirt to assemble a formal dress that looks great as women’s work clothes. While selecting such an outfit, you should opt for neutral colors in plain fabric. For formal workwear, you should avoid any embellishments or adornments in blazers.


Regarding office wear, always keep in mind that being a bit overdressed is always better than being underdressed. When in doubt, go for more formal wear instead of opting for a casual look. Even if you do not have too many proper formal outfits in your wardrobe, make it a point to always wear well-tailored, clean, and ironed clothes in neutral colors. Follow this and you will never go wrong in selecting great work outfits for women.

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