How To Master The Sports Luxe Trend

Sports luxe is a trend that remains technically unknown, but continues to become more and more popular. It’s a concept that requires an adventurous nature, with a mixture of both sports and luxury. At one point it would have been a considered as a joke, but now that brands have decided to take the trend seriously, it has gone from strength to strength, becoming one of the most popular trends since 2015. The casual wear side of things has no longer associated with youths and has become mastered with luxury wear in order to create an alternative to smart. We have come up with some tips to help you master the sports luxe trend!
Decide Between Shirt Or T-Shirt
Whatever style you prefer, it’s important to understand the importance of both long sleeve tops and short sleeve tops. Each type of shirt, or t-shirt will add something different to each and every outfit choice you choose. If you want to move towards luxury, then shirts are perfect, however if you’re looking for a more casual sports luxe style, you should move towards t-shirts. Colours are also hugely important, as brighter colours are better suited to more casual wear, whereas smart colours tend to be black, whites and greys. So take a deeper look into everything and see exactly what direction you want to take your sports luxe outfit in.
Would You Believe Us If We Said Sweatpants?
It’s time to move away from the traditional cuffed, or baggy sweatpants and more towards technically tailored sweatpants. It may seem like a ridiculous concept, but designers took the sweatpants and tailored them to mirror the appearance of trousers. This way sweatpants are smarter and offer a neater finish, rather than a casual one. It is common to associate with sweatpants with the likes of mens tracksuits, however it’s important to push past it and see the new, sparkling appearance of sweatpants.
Finishing With A Sports Jacket
Adding luxury into a sports luxe outfit is hugely important. The introduction of a blazer, or as it was formally known, the sports jacket, which ultimately plays an important part. Blazers add a balance of luxury and style. The small detailing and expert tailoring adding luxury, sports fitting and of course a seamless outfit choice.
The Finishing Touches
The finishing touches for your sports luxe outfit is the footwear you choose. Whether you want to take the all black option, or the sports trainers, you’ll need to find something that compliments your outfit. Footwear will often decide whether your sports luxe outfit will be more inclined to luxury, or more inclined to a more sports casual look.
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