How to Incorporate the Pantone Color “Greenery” of 2017 into Your Atlanta Wedding Décor

This year, the leading color that is sure to set a style statement in any event, wedding, or party celebration is the Pantone color “Greenery”. Green is a remarkable color known for its representation and the color of mother earth, one that brings harmony, tranquility and helps to soothe the mind. If you are planning a wedding in Atlanta, you should consider adding this color to your theme. You can contact your wedding decorators in Atlanta to have your theme set around this color.


Bright colors always look great for in a wedding, when you think about the wedding theme, here are some things you can incorporate to give it a Pantone theme.


1. Green Balloon Decorations

Balloons always add an elegant touch to a wedding stage, depending on the color you choose. You can ask experts you hire like Let’s Celebrate Events to add some colorful touch through their balloon decorations Atlanta. For an elegant touch to the entire event, you can have them in green and white contrast, ask them to set it around the stage, the isle, and anywhere else that would look great.

2. A Modern Green and White Cake

A touch of greenery is often the perfect way to incorporate color and texture into your modern wedding cake design. You can ask your cake decorator to add slender and long leaves to maintain the look of the cake, but transform it from simple to a super classical one.

3. An Outdoor Venue Set Indoors

When you plan a spring and summer wedding outdoors, this can turn out to be beautiful, but if you want your guests to have a great time, it is best they avoid pollen, extreme temperatures, or sudden rain showers. In this case, it is a great choice to bring your event indoors. To accomplish this, you can ask your wedding decorators to incorporate greenery into your general wedding theme décor and seating arrangement. Have flowers arranged at the entrance and welcome the feeling of nature; at the same time enjoy the perks of indoor air conditioning.

4. Original Table Settings

Gone are the old days when the table settings were restricted to just plain white linens and porcelain. Today, couples often choose to incorporate colorful plates, bouquet flowers and have organic green arrangements on the table. This looks great if you wish to follow Pantone trends. You can have organic greenery added on your table which could be perfect neutral to complete the color palette you selected for your wedding.

5. Green Bridesmaid Dresses

For anyone, green could be a flattering tone and the Pantone Greenery is especially one that will leave you refreshed. Perfect for spring and summer, a pop of soft green in your bridesmaid dresses invokes a feeling of natural beauty and adds a touch of sophistication to any of your wedding events.

6. Elegant Flower Arrangements and Bouquets

Whether your main theme is a different one, a pop of greenery for your bouquet and floral arrangement is always a welcoming contrast and it could function as neutral filler to the more vibrant ones. You could have some green plants and flowers like varieties of hellebores and popular succulents, which stand out as great options for an elegant and sophisticated look at your wedding.

7. Organic Lighting Arrangement

Lighting at your wedding plays an important role. It could make or break the wedding event. If you use industrial or harsh lights, you may find out that it ruins your indoor space. Often, soft lighting with cascading green and white contrast flowers look ideal to give off a more romantic look and transform the atmosphere.

8. Elegant Wedding Invites

A wedding card says a lot about the wedding party you wish to organize. It works like a window for guests to get a preview of what theme they could expect to admire on your big day. You can incorporate the Pantone greenery color on your wedding card. Maybe add green ribbons, have it printed on a light green paper, or ask your card designer to add some green floral designs on it. When sending these out to guests, you can use a green ink to write out their names.

9. Memorable Wedding Favors

Sure, no one likes to spend money on favors for weddings that their guests wouldn’t treasure. After all, the wedding favor has to be one that guests remember a special event. With the popularity of succulents like house plants, blossoming flowers, these tiny plants can serve as the perfect wedding favors for your guests.

10. Make Your Wedding Event a Legendary One

By choosing the right event management company for your wedding decorations in Atlanta, you can add greenery through the interior decoration. You can choose to have a green and white theme, which helps to highlight the Pantone color of this year even more. Have a Pantone greenery themed event this year and be sure to have numerous guests marveling at your theme and décor.
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