How to Get Your Kids to Like Mathematics during Lockdown

Mathematics is the most important subject taught in school. It is one subject that is used in almost every field, whether it’s engineering, business, or information technology. Besides, it has great practical value. It’s important that your kids take an interest in this subject and get good at it for a successful future. Now that everyone is stuck at home, you can use this time as an opportunity to get your kids to like mathematics. Here I have shared what you need to do.
Play Math Games
Games are fun for children; studying is not. However, you can trick them into studying while playing games. They are not smart enough to realize the difference on their own. And as long as they are enjoying it, they won’t even mind studying. There are video games that involve the use of mathematics. However, a preferred approach is to use board games like math puzzles that are also easily available for kids of all grades. This will strengthen their math without even them realizing it. You will see the difference as they get good in the game and solve more difficult problems in homework.
Use Dramatization
Play different dramas with your kids, especially the ones that involve an investigation. It means they will have to solve various mathematical problems to solve a case. You can get many such play ideas on the internet, and you will see that kids are enjoying digging mysteries.
Help them Get Good at It
People like things that they are good at, and they hate things that don’t seem to be in their control. You will see that kids like subjects that they are good at. If they get good at mathematics, they will start to call it their favorite. That’s why you need to see exactly where your kids lack and help them get over that problem. If you can make math easier for them for even a short time, they will start to take an interest in it and automatically get better. However, you must become their personal teacher and spend time with them to identify the shortcomings. A school teacher can’t do that because he has a class full of students.
Have Them Calculate their Pocket Money
Kids love their pocket money. While you are going to give it to them anyway, why not come up with a little complex method of paying them. Have them solve a problem to calculate their pocket money. They will surely get the answer right, and it will give them a regular and practical practice of math. It will become their favorite problem-solving because they get a reward at the end.
Add Math in Storytelling
Do you tell stories to your kid? Add a little math in every single of them and have your kids participate in it. However, it’s not recommended for bedtime stories because they need to relax at that time. You can add different twists and have kids do some calculations to guess what happened next in the story.
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