Benefits of YouTube Marketing for Business

A well-thought out YouTube strategy can massively pay off for your brand. YouTube is free to use, and you can produce videos for very cheap and even free, if needed. Producing videos does not need to be this huge production. More often than not, a quality smartphone and good lighting will get the job done. So, you know that making videos is doable — but what do they offer over other types of content? Here are just seven benefits of YouTube for your brand.
1. Posting on YouTube Will Help People Find You on Google
Google owns YouTube. Have you noticed how videos are showing up more than they used to in Google search results? That’s no coincidence. By consistently utilizing YouTube for your business, you increase your chances of showing up in search results and improving your own rankings. As a business, you should have a goal of maximizing your online presence as much as possible. It’s even better to do it with YouTube because it’s a Google product. Google loves businesses that use their tools and most likely give priority to those brands, at least to some extent. You can’t go wrong here.
2. YouTube Will Expose You to a Huge Audience
Here are just a few important YouTube statistics to consider:
● YouTube receives more than 30 million visitors a day, who watch nearly five billion videos.
● More than half of the views come from mobile devices, and these users watch an average of 40 minutes.
● YouTube has local versions in more than 88 countries and 76 languages.
● It’s the second biggest search engine, coming after only Google itself. And take note that YouTube is only growing. Year after year, more people are spending more time on it.
And perhaps unlike some other platforms, YouTube’s audience is extremely varied. People of all ages, education levels, and income levels use it, men and women who are located all around the globe. They use the platform for a number of reasons, including education and entertainment. No matter what your brand is trying to promote or what your goals are, the odds are you can get the job done using YouTube.
3. Acquire Qualified Traffic
This is important. You don’t want any traffic you can get, because not everyone is going to buy from you. You want qualified traffic, people that could be potential leads and customers. Business owners often fail to understand this. Sure, getting a million hits on your website might sound pretty nice. But if it’s a million random hits and not one of those people purchases from you, then who cares? You need qualified traffic that is meaningful to your brand. YouTube can easily help you accomplish this. When people go on YouTube, how do you think they find you? They don’t just stumble upon your page. They type something into the search bar, and then you pop up in the results. People use YouTube as a search engine, just like they do with Google. This means that you can probably assume that people who watch your videos are at least someone interested in your product or service. Thus, you should be doing something to really capture their attention and turn them into a loyal fan.
4. Videos Have Higher Conversion Rates
Some research suggests that video content is 12 times likelier to be watched than text is to be read. Furthermore, we might be processing videos 60,000 times faster than text. Plus, videos can evoke emotion like no other form of online content can. They can make you think and feel. And if they make you think and feel, you’re not likely to forget those videos. That’s much more than can be said for most other types of online marketing. Last but certainly not least, videos help humanize your brand. They bring it to life, taking your messages from flat and static to dynamic and engaging. Videos help your brand build trust and authority in such a unique way. If a brand really wants to connect with people, videos absolutely have to be a part of their digital marketing plan. Undeniably, videos capture our attention better than both text and images.
5. You Can Utilize YouTube Ads to Reach an Even Bigger Audience
Another one of the many benefits of YouTube is their robust advertising platform. It runs through Google AdWords but isn’t like your standard paid advertising. You know by now roughly how many people are spending how much time on YouTube. Imagine serving your ads to qualified viewers who could very well turn into leads and then customers. Gaining organic traffic on YouTube is already incredibly powerful. Paid traffic can deliver an even higher return on investment for your business.
Additionally, as all of the social media platforms become increasingly competitive and saturated, you’re almost required to pay to play if you really want to see a difference, but it’s so, so worth it. YouTube, similar to Facebook, is very savvy when it comes to delivering your ads to exactly the right kind of people. Unlike other platforms and TV and radio ads, people actually watch the YouTube ads that show up in front of their eyes, because they’re on topics that are of interest to them.
All you need to start is a microphone, camera, lights and a decent background. It’s evident that no digital marketing strategy is complete without YouTube videos. If your brand hasn’t joined Team YouTube, do so immediately, if not sooner! It’s clear from the aforementioned benefits of YouTube: Allocating time and resources to this will pay off. Managing your online presence is so much easier with the right social media management tool and helps you to get good traffic and gain popularity easily.
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