How to choose the right diamond rings for your skin-tone and face shape?

You need to understand the shape of your face and analyze your skin tone before you starting finding yourself, the right kind of jewelry.
You need to pick pieces of jewelry that flatters your facial features. This way, the jewelry can look the best on you. It would appear as if the jewelry is specifically hand-crafted keeping your individual facial features in mind.
Know more about your skin-tone
Skin tones can broadly be classified into three major categories.
a) Cool skin tone
b) Warm skin-tones and
c) Neutral skin tone.
Type of jewelry that matches a cooler skin tone
If you have a cool skin tone, you have the tendency to burn easily. Your skin looks pale brown and can turn reddish. Your eyes look brown, black or aquatic blue. Your hair color takes the shade of blonde, black and brown. You can choose blue colored gem stones. These include aquamarine, amethyst and blue sapphire. You can add the gem stones to your diamond rings, as well. Diamond studded jewelry can really look fascinating on you. You can also wear jewelry made from white-gold, silver and Cubic Zirconis (CZ).
Type of jewelry that flatters warmer skin-tones
If you have a warmer skin tone, your hair color has a natural tint of red or darkish brown. Your skin has the tendency to tan easily. You can look for jewelry made from yellow gold, copper or golden pearls. You can add gem-stones like coral, turquoise, jade, yellow sapphire and so on. You can embed the gem stone to your respective diamond jewelry.
Neutral skin tones and cool skin tones are almost similar characteristically. You can also choose the jewelry accordingly.
Now coming to your facial features
You can divide your facial shape into four major categories. These include:
a) Round-shaped or cherubic face
b) Oval shaped
c) Heart shape and
d) Rectangular shaped.
Round-shaped face
For a round shaped face, these are the flattering pieces of jewelry. You can wear chandelier earrings. You can go in for necklaces that extend below your neck-line.
You can stand in front of a full-length mirror and determine the shape of your face.
Oval shaped face
For an oval shaped face, you can wear short and long necklaces that are designed with an equal width or aplomb. Big hoops and danglers can look refreshing on you.
Heart-shaped face
Since your chin-area is narrower, you can possibly go in for jewelry comprising of shorter necklaces or chokers. Long cylindrical danglers and triangular hoops help you pull off looks that are your awesome best.
Rectangular shaped jaw-line
Choker type necklaces can look flattering on those of you endowed with a rectangular jaw-line or face. You can wear short or long earrings. Pearl studs and button earrings can really look gorgeous on you.
You now have a fair idea on how to compliment your jewelry with your corresponding face or skin type.
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