How To Select The Different Offbeat Places To Explore In Goa?

People often tend to flock to Goa or explore in Goa for unwinding on the sunny beaches, chill-out at some of the best cruise hotels in Goa, or just to relieve their anxious energy build-up. But why Goa, and more importantly, where exactly in Goa? These are some of the basic concerns that most travelers have. And though it’s easy to plan a trip to this psychedelic harbor age than planning on an itinerary which is a totally different ballgame. Because you need to think, ponder, work out the budget, and most importantly research which requires ample time, the most valuable and luxurious asset of your existence. So let’s roll back to our initial question of how do we choose the different offbeat locations to enjoy or explore in Goa? Well, there’s no rocket science to this. Rather, you just need a little bit of strategy. So let’s not hold back our cascade of wisdom any longer, shall we?

a. Make up your mind

First and foremost, you need to decide what would be the theme of your trip? Wait! There’s an actual theme to a trip? Really? Errmm well, not exactly but yes you could definitely assign a particular mood to your vacation whether it be outdoorsy, venturesome, slacken off, or just be in the moment without going out, remaining at one place and relishing the food & drinks. Capiche? So when you do get into the mood for a vacation or holiday, ensure what activities you want to take up. That way planning your itinerary would be a cakewalk! 

b. Pick a theme

Once you’ve settled on your vacation’s mood or theme, the following step is to pin down the numerous activities you wish to engage in. Hiking, adventure sports, exploring nature’s havens or the rustic countryside, frolicking at some famous cruises in goa where you can enjoy the 3 patti games , simply soaking in the warm sun on the beach, or even partying, there is plenty to do. Whatever you choose, make sure you choose the top places to make the most of your limited time in Goa. The state has a lot to offer on all fronts, and all you need is a keen eye to spot the safest and most cheap ways to spend your vacation.

c. Discover the offbeat spots

Assume you chose the explorer theme and want to do a little bit of everything. Determine which places and locales offer those vacation possibilities. In terms of activity selection, you’ll need to do some homework. Plan things out so that each day of your visit is dedicated to these activities, so you don’t lose out on the fun or overwhelm yourself. After all, you’re travelling on a tour to de-stress, not to be depressed over things you couldn’t enjoy. Another aspect of this tactic is to create a budget; you’d obviously want to avoid a financial snag, even if it means reducing the expense of a pleasant hotel stay.

d. Choose to let loose

Plan each day of your stay with a maximum of two destinations or one as you narrow down your choices of quirky venues or activities. Make advance cab reservations or learn about the local transportation route to guarantee that you have a realistic view of how you’ll get to those tourist attractions. It’s also critical to have the correct gear for this trip, such as your footwear, sunglasses, sunscreen, umbrella, first-aid kit, water bottle, loose change, and energy snacks to stave off hunger pains while travelling. Keeping track of travel expenditures and other miscellaneous expenses is a cost-effective approach to enjoying a vacation without going overboard.

e. Some offbeat destinations

Since Goa has the temperament of being both luxuriously glamorous and robustly pastoral bristling with the spectacular gifts from Mother Nature. It’s bestowed lush green rainforests, sparkling cascades, and rivulets of freshwater apart from the clear, sunny beaches.

Here are a few offbeat locations to explore in Goa, you can include in your itinerary:

  • Basilica of Bom Jesus, the UNESCO world heritage or churches of Old Goa.
  • Divar Island
  • Fontainhas the Latin Quarters of Panjim
  • Arambol Beach
  • Visit Cabo De Rama for spectacular views and for a short trek.
  • You can visit Colva Beach to attend the funkiest parties.
  • To indulge in watersports visit Galgibaba Beach, Cola Beach, and Varca Beach, you can experience waterskiing, parasailing, or snorkelling.
  • The Butterfly Beach
  • South Goa during the monsoon gives a different feel altogether and driving or cycling to Dudhsagar waterfall.
  • Go-karting in Arpora is an awesome adventure too.

While these blissful offbeat ventures aren’t the only ones in Goa, you can find more such hidden gems that provide joy and rejuvenation before facing the challenges life throws at you once you return.

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