Higher education and e-learning concept

The question that is asked by many is how students are engaged by universities in the present 21st century. Answer to this question is quite obvious, which is mobile delivery. A good number of people across the country are said to own smartphones and this number is only increasing significantly with time.
Going through researches
Studies conducted on college students in the country also have revealed that students comprising of huge numbers have agreed that the way students are to be taught in the future will be transformed completely with the introduction and using of the tablet device. Besides this, few also stated that they tend to make use of smartphones almost every day for school work. Other students were of the opinion that mobile technologies will be relied upon by them more often than now for the purpose of learning. The educational content development companies in India have been ensuring that they are able to meet the growing expectations of their clients and help impart top quality education in an easy and interactive manner.
Developing higher education elearning in mobile
There are noticed few universities which have been struggling trying to engage their learners in an effective and efficient manner. The university has been offering its students with online and on-campus degree campuses to both undergraduate and graduate students. They are offered with flexible online and on-campus program options, thus allowing them to avail the type of courses that is desired by them. For achieving this particular aspect, the latest technology tools are used by the university for delivering and managing the different courses offered by it.
Traditional methods
The university traditionally is said to have used proprietary online management platform for learning and delivering the online courses as well as managing completion tracking. The university educators also were allowed by the virtual learning management platform to publish and author courses by using the built-in course authoring tool. It does offer an integrated and easy method for the educators to develop, distribute as well as manage the courses efficiently.
The mobile learning requirements and demands of both the universities and students can be met by the best e learning companies in the domain. It has become much easier and an effortless task to have the courses upgraded for mobile compatibility. Moreover, courses can be delivered independent from the virtual learning management platform. With this approach, migrated new course formats can be hosted by the university on various content management systems including linking the courses through the present learning management platforms.
Some key challenges faced
  • Individual virtual learning management platform used by the university for authoring and delivering online courses. Built-in ‘Visual Editor’ tool is used by the educators for developing online courses. This only provided redundant code base, difficult to manage especially with the current updates.
  • As virtual learning management platform is a 3rd party hosted application solution, similar platform were being used by other competitors, thus causing inconvenience with regards to content privacy issues.
The professional companies offering  e-learning companies can easily overcome these issues and others by providing the most appropriate solutions.
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