Helpful Advice On Building A Garage

Every home should have a garage for extra storage, which is probably why you’ve taken the time to embark on the project yourself. Whether you need a place to store your tools or a good spot to park the car, it’s important to make your garage safe, secure and weather-proof so that it will stand the test of time for your property. To help you build a garage that meets all of these standards, let’s take a look at some of the top tips for building a garage that might be of assistance.
Designing a Garage
Before you get to work with building a garage, it’s important that you’ve thought your plans through. The obvious thing to mention is to make sure that you have permission to build a garage; although they are classed as permitted developments by the government, it’s always worth checking with your local council. You should also think about the design of the garage, so have a think about the primary purposes of the extension. Do you just want the garage, or a roof truss above if you struggle for storage in your home?
A garage used for cars will need to have an appropriate garage door, and sufficient space to fit the car in with room to open the doors and perhaps store other things around it. It’s also essential to make the decision about whether to have it attached to the house or not, as this will also affect the way that you go about conducting the build.
Building a Garage
Work out the budget that you have to build your garage and factor in the costs of the materials, any contractors, and things such as the garage door, shelving and furniture that you’ll need to finish your building. Ring around for some quotes if you will need to hire contractors such as builders and electricians, and be sure to ask about the cost of materials.
Keeping the budget down and getting value for money is important, but remember that you want a quality finished design that will withstand the weather and stay secure. So don’t scrimp too much when it comes to workmanship or materials, as this could leave you with a garage that doesn’t fit its purpose. Of course, a great way to save money is to go DIY with and build a garage yourself, although don’t take on any dangerous tasks such as electrics without the help of a professional.
Planning is key when it comes to building a garage, so that you are fully aware of the design, cost and practicalities of your project to avoid any hiccups later down the line. So whether you’re going to build it with your own hands or you’re are planning on enlisting the help of contractors, take charge of the project so that you can stay in control of its design and execution. With this advice, you can create the extension you envisaged to improve your home. 
Article by Kelly Gilmour-Grassam, weaver of words, who often writes for Emerald Doors.
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