Mastering Your Moods

As you watch your baby curling her fragile little delicate fingers tightly around your pinkie, there is no other greater feeling of joy and satisfaction than this. Almost every new mum experiences a high feeling of happiness than they have ever experienced before, which gives them the strength and the ability to deal with the most significant job in the world — that of being a new mum.
What Experts say
Medical experts reveal that when a new mum holds, gently rocks or feeds her baby, an important chemical known as dopamine is released in the body that enables the mother to experience pleasure. As you gaze into the eyes of your little one, the fact that you made her is a feeling that surpasses every other, while making you feel that nothing else matters.
Gazing at your baby
Some days you might be on a perpetual high, but some dawn on you like the end of days is nigh. When you feel down, go through the photographs of your new born baby’s early moments and you will see your downward emotions slowly transforming into happiness. Looking through a new born’s photographs can have a powerful effect on your persona, and midwives recommend that looking and gazing deeply into a picture of your new born can help you express — in the days to follow immediately after birth — as well as lift your mood and have a huge positive impact on your emotions.
Most mothers experience uncertainty, which is a sign that the mother is putting a great deal of thought on how to raise the child. In spite of having a circle of well-wishers, supporters and family around to help, it can sometimes be an isolating experience and hence it is important to constantly seek advice from trusted people around you who are not only helpful in reassuring you but can also strengthen your relationship with your child and partner.
Nurturing your child
Child psychologists are of the opinion that being overly sensitive to a child can help in developing feelings of empathy that is extremely critical in building the attachment between your baby and you and strengthening your relationship with one another.
It is important to note that your new born child is wholeheartedly and completely dependent on you and your partner’s assistance in growing her up, which is why it is important to know what your baby is feeling or going through and that you can respond to her needs as swiftly as possible.
Set your Priorities
Almost every woman discovers that her priorities have changed drastically with becoming a new mum. Prior to giving birth, you would never have thought of arriving late to work or leaving early from the office, but now you’re only and constant thought is whether your baby is all right and that you do not care what others might think about it. It is important to master your mood and keep a note of your thoughts and feelings, as it can help in managing mood swings. Confidence is a very fragile emotion at this point and it can move up and down at a moment’s notice, hence if you are having a good time, take the time to capture the moment and make a note of it. Doing so can ensure that when you are having a bad day you can look back on your entries and start feeling good once again.
Sometimes, it can also help in shifting your perspective. Being grateful for small mercies can help in elevating happiness. For example, at the end of each day, count around three things for which you are grateful and experience the positive feeling that this exercise brings on you. By memorising good times, it can help to call on those thoughts when needed most. Another important technique in maintaining calm is to practice mindfulness. This means that you basically concentrate on the here and now and do not concern yourself about the future nor worry about the past.
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