GPAT 2016 : Tips to Help You Prepare for Success

Graduate Pharmacy Aptitude Test or GPAT as it is commonly known as is a national level entrance exam conducted by All India Council for Technical Education, New Delhi, (AICTE). The exam is conducted to select candidates for admission to Pharmacy graduates into the Masters programmes. The results of GPAT are also used to determine the eligibility of students for scholarships and other financial assistance in the field of Pharmacy.

Those of you who are interested in GPAT 2016 and wish to clear GPAT in the first attempt with a good score, given below are some tips to help you prepare for success.

1. Planning what to study and organizing your study time is very important if you want to crack the GPAT. Finishing the entire syllabus in just 2-4 months is impossible. Rather than wasting your time on all the subjects and topics you must complete the subjects that are important from the exam point of view.

2. If you would go through the entire syllabus that is prescribed in GPAT as in case of Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacognosy and Pharma Analysis, you would get to know that these subjects are very vast and it is practically impossible to cover all the topics that are mentioned in the GPAT syllabus. You must therefore try to sort the topics that are more important and cover them first.

3. Compare the syllabus of your university with the official GPAT syllabus and mark the common topics. These topics would require more concentration while you prepare for the exam. Once you have list of the topics, start studying your favorite subject first. This would help you get into the form and gear up yourself. While you are studying, make your own notes. Make notes in points as it becomes easier to refer to them in the last week before the examination.

4. There are many GPAT books in the market for GPAT preparation. You must refer these books as they cover previous question papers from GPAT exams held during the last 10 or more years. You can get full-fledged view of GPAT by virtue of referring these books. Some such books also include pervious solved papers and important topics are explained randomly. Theoretical explanation is also available in GPAT books. Various important tables, specifications, and notes are available in these books, helping aspirants prepare better for GPAT.

5. Most students are unable to manage their time and end up feeling tensed at the last moment. Preparing for a competitive exam, especially when you are attending college can be tough, but it is not impossible at the same time. You can make the most of whatever time you get. Try to get early in the morning and utilize that time for studying. After you are back from college, take a small break and get back to studies. Aim to study effectively for 7-8 hours every day. But for whatever time you are studying, there should be no distractions and your mind should be only focussed towards studying. Avoid cell phones, Internet surfing, and other distractions while you are studying.

M Pharma is a highly sought after degree in today’s industry. Candidates who successfully qualify GPAT not only enjoy M. Pharm advantage, but they also have a very good chance of placement in some of the best companies all over the world and handsome pay packages. Crack GPAT and enjoy a great professional career.

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