Garden Weddings Got Gorgeous: Stunning Bridesmaid Dress for Outdoor Wedding

The wedding is always an elaborate affair. It is the biggest event of your life. When you are thinking of making your bond permanent with the love of your life, obviously, it will call for celebration. And tell me, which celebration is ever complete without the touches of glamour at the right places?
So, when you are planning your wedding in summer, I am sure you are thinking of exchanging vows while basking under the glorious sunlight. Doesn’t it sound amazing? So, when you are planning an outdoor wedding, it is necessary that you think of the bridesmaid dresses.
Yes, to perk up the glam quotient of your wedding, it is not just you, but the bridesmaids too need to look stunning. So, now you must be thinking of creating a gorgeous garden look book for your girl gang, right? Take a look at the following points to know more.
Shades and Hues
Colours are the most important thing when you are planning an outdoor wedding in summer. The gorgeous sun, the bright flowers and greenery, and surely the lulling shades of trees, everything contributes to the setting. In such a place, it is necessary that all your girlfriends look stunning too. Choose shades like green, emerald, oceanic blue, blush pink or purple bridesmaid dresses. This rich shades will not only complete the glamorous look of the day, but also will complement the setting perfectly.
Flower Power
Since the mismatched trend is now ruling the scene, why not adding some floral prints too with the bridesmaid dresses? Flowers add more feminine touch to the attire. It is graceful, elegant and are perfect to bring out the girlish charm from your bridesmaid appearance.
Softer Touch
Summer might look good and glorious. But, spending a lot of time under the sun is something that is extremely uncomfortable. So, when you are choosing the dresses for your dear besties, make sure you choose the right materials that will make them feel comfortable enough to sport the dress for the whole day. The material also plays a vital role in making a dress elegant and graceful. So, when you are picking up the dresses, choose the ones that are classy. Lace and chiffon have evergreen appeal. They are classy, dramatic and comfortable. Most importantly they suit any body type as well. Stay away from the stiff materials, as it will be a bad choice for summer. If your bridesmaid is quite daring to show off some skin, choose sheer material.
Play with Sweep
Floor-sweeping gowns might have a vintage appeal. But, they are never a good option for a garden wedding. What is the point of the huge trail that might get dirty or entangled somewhere? Choose an easy breezy ankle length dress. A mid tea length fall can be sophisticated too. And since it is summer, asymmetrical dress or short length can be a great choice too. And do you know what the bonus point of choosing these short dresses are? The girls can easily flaunt their dainty footwear too.
So, now as you know what you should choose for your outdoor wedding, start with the shopping spree now.
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