Exterior Painting Tips to Make Your Home Stand Out

When it comes to household maintenance, we usually like to be thorough as durability is one of the things we are after. Apart from using top quality materials and equipment, durability of our ideas and choices is also crucial. Your home’s exterior is something you should be comfortable with and enjoy for several years. These couple of tips should help you achieve that.
Make a bold choice
I am sure that every time you wish to paint your house a certain color but you give up as it is not one of the conventional colors. Feel free to wander away from white, grey, beige or any other color you can find on more than two houses in your neighborhood. Any color can fit in. Whichever one you choose, you will be able to find a way to adjust it to the purpose. If you are not absolutely certain how you can consult a professional. Have your house tastefully stand out from the rest.
Choose a theme
Depending on the theme, this may also be a bold choice. Choose a theme, a geographical region, a period in history, your favorite book, novel or song… whatever makes you warm on the inside. Your theme can also be a nice mural painted on one side of the house or a play on dark and bright hues creating an optical illusion. If you decide to go for a certain theme, be aware of your curb appeal and have the rest of your lot and your backyard match the house in style.
Make a smart use of accent and trim colors. Accent color will emphasize the features covered in it. You can use complementary colors for this. Another alternative is to use different shades of the same color. If your base color is really bright, you can accentuate with a dark shade and vice versa. White is a universal accent color and in most cases, it matches well unless your base is a really pale and cold color.
Emphases the attributes
Use the same technique women use when applying make-up. Cover up bad features and emphasize good ones. If you live in an old house with a lot of ornaments or other marks of a historical era put some color on them to draw attention to the fact they are unique. Additionally, applying the bold choice mentioned above will make your home extremely fashionable as combining modern and traditional is well thought of today.
Let the house inspire you
Every house has those parts that are not covered in paint e.g. roof tiles. Those parts also have their natural color and texture. Take them into consideration when deciding on the color as you need the rest of the exterior to match them. Consult professionals to create a good solution for this combination. The best commercial painters Sydney has to offer, suggest that these parts should be used as central pieces and that whichever step we take next should flatter them.
Think about the basic meaning of standing out
The basic meaning of standing out is being different and easily noticeable. Take your time when choosing your exterior color. Walk around your neighborhood and pay attention to the colors and all the little details on the houses surrounding you. You can get inspired by them but do not steal the ideas as your house will end up being too similar to some of them. Use your knowledge to create something your neighbors have not yet seen in their area. Beware of any laws that may apply in your neighborhood when it comes to the curb appeal and make sure your new exterior abides them.
Consult your entire family when making the decision about your house’ exterior. All of you need to feel comfortable in it. If you are a parent, I suggest you go for a theme. Think about what your children’s fairytale house would look like and consider the things they like. This will result in you being the greatest parent and them being the happiest kids. It will mean a lot to them growing up and as a childhood memory and you can buy yourself another couple of years before deciding what it is you actually want and like and repaint it eventually.
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