How to Create a Beautiful Garden This Summer

When the sun starts to shine, you might love the idea of inviting friends over for a BBQ or relaxing in the outdoors with a good book. Yet, a messy, overgrown, or tired-looking exterior might make you want to close the drapes and spend the season indoors.

If you are tired of staring out at weeds, an unloved lawn, or clutter, it is time to put on some gardening gloves to transform your outdoor space.

Learn how you can create a beautiful garden this summer.

Show Your Lawn Some Love

If your lawn looks a little patchy, brown, and messy, it is time to give it some TLC. While a lawnmower can help you trim overgrown grass, you must also rake and remove any mulch sitting on your lawn.

Don’t forget to aerate your lawn by creating small holes in the soil at various depths using a garden fork. It will allow both air and water to penetrate the roots of the grass, which will help your lawn absorb more nutrients. Avoid mowing your lawn when the soil and grass are wet, too, as this can prevent healthy growth.

Eliminate Weeds

If your garden is full of unsightly weeds, eliminate them from your exterior once and for all. If you dream of relaxing on a patio or decking when the sun starts to shine, invest in root barrier installation to prevent pesky weeds from growing in your garden, such as Japanese knotweed.

There are root barrier options available to match every need, from a permeable membrane to a flexible root barrier. It can help you create the garden of your dreams, as you won’t need to worry about unsightly weeds destroying your beautiful exterior design.

Add Flowers and Plants

Add a burst of color and texture into your garden by incorporating vibrant flowers and plants. Enjoy a stunning backdrop all year long by planting a mixture of annuals and perennial flowers, such as:

  • Hydrangeas
  • Sunflowers
  • Marigolds
  • Cosmos

Also, choose fragrant flowers to create an inviting environment for you and your loved ones. For example, the scent of lilies, freesias, or jasmine will help your guests fall in love with your garden.

Keep It Simple

Unless you love to spend hours caring for your garden each week, keep your exterior design as simple as possible. Avoid adding extensive flower beds and hedges that will need regular maintenance, and incorporate containers, flower boxes, or a tall tree instead. It will add vibrancy and color to the garden without taking up too much of your time.

Choose the Right Garden Furniture

Consider how you will use your garden before buying outdoor furniture. For example, if you imagine reading a book with a cup of coffee in the morning, create a relaxing spot with a bistro table and chair set. However, if you plan to host many BBQs, incorporate a comfortable rattan garden furniture set with a firepit to create a stylish, social space for your guests.

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