Everything You Need to Know About ‘Natural’ Plastic Surgery or Fat Transfer

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Sucking fat from your thighs and hips and injecting them into your butt or breast may sound like a dream come true. For some, however, this miraculous craft has already become a reality. With a process called fat grafting or fat transfer, you will now be allowed to remove fat from one area of your body with the help of a gentle liposuction. Once this has been done, the unneeded fat can be injected to where it is needed most!

Can It Only Help Specific Areas of the Body?

A fat transfer has been found to work generally well in different parts of the body. Commonly, however, it is preferred by people to build up areas that may have lost volume due to age, to fill the hollow areas under their lower eyelids, or even to the face in order to enhance their cheeks. Other than this, people commonly also prefer to increase the size of their breasts or even plump up their butts to improve their overall stance.

Why Is It Considered ‘Natural’?

These procedures are considered to be natural plastic surgery because of the fact that you will be injecting your body with what was naturally produced by it. This is also why the procedure has been steadily gaining popularity all over the world. People can be seen opting for breast augmentation with the help of fat transfer. So much so, that there was a 72% increase in the number of people who opted for the procedure in 2016. Buttock augmentation with the help ofa fat transfer, on the other hand, saw a 26% increase in the same period.
Fat transfers have also been noticed to provide end results that are more natural as opposed to butt and breast implants.

When to Consider Fat Transfer?

Your purpose when opting for fat grafting should be to fill-up or augment the volume-deficient areas of your body. These areas include the buttock and breasts for augmentation, and the depressions in your skin which are commonly followed by scarring or liposuction. Other than this, it is naturally important to have donor sites on your body from where the fat can be taken.
There is only one important health precursor that needs to be considered before thinking about fat transfer. There shouldn’t be any circulation problems in your body due to smoking or a pre-existing medical condition.
Once you’re cleared off this pre-cursor, you can choose fat transfer for the following options and many others:
1. Facial fat transfer
2. Breast augmentation
3. Breast implants plus fat grafting
4. Breast reconstruction with fat grafting
5. Buttock augmentation with fat grafting
6. Hand rejuvenation with fat grafting.
You are a great candidate for fat transfer if you are generally in great health, have realistic expectations, and have a positive attitude. If you wish to learn more about fat transfer – what it is and how it’s done – then there is plenty of helpful information online.
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