Complete Route Map of Various Career Options Available after BCA

Getting a bachelor’s degree in computer applications opens up different career opportunities in front of you. If you have completed your BCA from one of the top BCA colleges in Maharashtra, your chances of campus placements increase. As the admissions are open, you can visit the website of different colleges and apply now. In this article, we are going to discuss the different career options available after BCA.

Complete Guide for your Career After BCA

  1. Get a master’s degree-

Most of the students who complete their BCA go for the job directly as BCA is a complete degree in itself and it can provide great job opportunities. But some people like to get specialization and so they go for a masters degree. The best option to study after completing BCA is to either go for MCA or MBA. This will help you to gain specialization and eligibility to apply for or direct high-end jobs.

  1. Getting a job as a data scientist-

Data science is one of the fields that are always on the rise. If you like to work with different applications then you can become a data scientist. India has been producing a lot of data scientists in recent times, the reason being the high demand for eligible people all over the globe. With this work, a person can find applications in technology, multinational companies, and finance.

  1. Getting a job in digital marketing-

With COVID on the rise, pursuing a career in digital marketing is becoming popular among people. As many businesses are online, each and every one of them needs a digital marketer to promote their products so as to bring profit to the company. Digital marketing is a growing sector where a person can earn a good income and with experience, he can reach high and positions.

  1. Getting work in the blockchain industry-

After completing BCA, one of the options that a person can go for is to enter the blockchain industry. The concept of the blockchain industry is pretty new in the computer applications sector but within a few years of inception, it has managed to see a lot of attention from different experts in the industry. If you are looking for something that can help you to grow your career and earn very good money, then you should learn more about the blockchain industry.

  1. Working in the cyber security sector-

If your mind is way too sharp and you always find anomalies in the programs written by other people then you might be the right IT employee in the cyber security sector. With frequent hacking and leaking of personal information from online platforms, the need for cyber security experts has increased in the sector. Reading a bit about cryptography and security will make you an expert in the cyber security sector. Cyber security experts are in demand not just in India but all over the world.

As you can see there are many different career options that a person can go for after completing BCA. Before choosing any sector, make sure that you are interested and passionate about the kind of work you are going to step into.

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