Colored pencils – colorful tips and vibrant tricks!

Most of us generally use, water colors to color up our drawings, but I don’t know why simply love colored pencils. They are simple, easy to use and carry and extremely affordable. As a Kid I loved them and I continue to do so. They are ready to be used on the go unlike water colors that you need to mix in order to use. And yes, they don’t leave behind stains, which is really great!
Today, I will be sharing some easy tips and tricks with you guys.
There are many different varieties of colored pencils out there. But I like the one offered by carpenter pencils. They are vibrant, easy to layer, come in nearly 100 different colors. In fact you can blend the colors so easily.
Tip1: However, there is one small thing that we all overlook often. When using so many differed colored pencils, it is best if you store them properly. Otherwise you might end up losing one that will affect the entire collection. Over the years, I have realized it is best if you store them in their original box. This way they never get lost.
Dropping or knocking them can often break the lead inside which in turn affects the quality of the color.
Trick1: always use a good quality sharpener if you wish to sharpen your pencil in the right way. Always move the pencil in a round fashion so that the lead is properly sharpened.
Most of us often forget that at the end of the day, the quality of coloring depends on the quality of page used. If the page is rough the end result will be rough.
Tip2: so decide what you want and select the colored pencils accordingly. You can easily shade back and forth;, stipple, scribble, crosshatch, press hard for smooth saturation, blend and more!
One of the best parts about using colored pencils is that you can color very minute areas of the design without any hassle. The sharpened lead allows this.
Trick2: Start with a fine line and then as you go in, press harder for dark color.
Tip5: for a proper blending of your choice, you can use baby oil. Just rub the baby oil over the desired area and rub in the required direction to achieve the desired look. And voila, you will be able to achieve the soften look within a few seconds.
Trick3: you can use the baby oil that you have got at home. No need to buy a new one!
So where do you buy these colored pencils from?
Colored pencils from the house of carpenter pencils are not available in traditional stores. You need to purchase them online. Visit their website to check out the diverse collections. Select the one that you would like to purchase. Place the order and make the payment. They will deliver the pencils at the address provided.
Go ahead and try out these tips and tricks today. Paint your world with vibrant and colorful pencils!
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