Choosing A Rehab Service

It’s a sad and a shameful fact but the hard truth is that there are over 35,000 deaths due to drug overdose every year. Even though the government has made every possible effort for quashing the free flow of illegal drugs in the market but still more and more youngsters are getting trapped in the web of drug abuse. The real problem is not with the regulation and control of the drugs but with the attitude of the society towards this problem. Those who want drugs get them easily and those who don’t want them don’t care about what’s going on in their neighborhood.  If someone close to your heart has fallen victim to drug abuse then there is just one way to save him/her i.e. take him/her to a rehabilitation centre. However finding a good rehab service can be just as difficult as getting rid of the habit itself.
The first thing to understand is that choosing a bad rehab service is not going to help your cause in anyway. There are so many cases where addicts have left the rehab services just because they were not feeling any benefits. Keeping this in mind, do some research before finally coming to a decision about choosing a particular rehab service.
  • Make sure that the staff is well trained:

Staff members at the rehabilitation centre play a very vital and crucial role. They provide both, the moral support and the medical support necessary to control the addiction. Before choosing any particular rehab service, you must ensure that the staff members are well trained and experienced in handling drug addicts. You must also make sure that the staff members are licensed and qualified for their job at the rehab centre.
  • Ask for the type of treatment offered at the rehab centre:

This is perhaps the most crucial aspect of choosing a rehab service. It is the type of rehab therapy that’s going to decide whether the addict will be able to control his/her addiction or not. You should prefer a rehab centre that provides both medical and psychological care. Medicines alone are not going to make a difference, the rehab centre you choose must also provide counseling sessions and group therapy sessions.
  • See if the rehab centre also offers outpatient services:

While during the initial stages of rehab, most of the rehab centers offer inpatient services. Once they feel that the addict is stable, they allow him/her to leave the centre. But the battle against addiction doesn’t stops there. Once the addict is out of the rehab centre, he/she is free to do anything and believe it or not but this independence has led many former addicts back to their addiction. For this reason you must ensure that the rehab service you are going to choose also offers outpatient services. Such outpatient services typically include drug management therapies, blood and urine testing and counseling services. Some rehab centers offer counseling to the relatives and friends of the addicts so that they can understand the problem in a better way.
This article was authored by Brianna Wilson. She works as a counselor at a rehab service. As a counselor she has treated a lot of drug addicts first hand and understands what needs to be done in order to save a patient from his/her addiction.
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