Budget-Friendly and Powerful Strategies to Market Your Business

market your business

Does your business have a low marketing strategy? Do you want to gain more followers? If so, then you should have a low-cost but effective marketing strategy for your business. So, to know more about it, read further.

How are you going to market your business if you are on a tight budget? How will you promote your business in the market and achieve hundreds to even thousands of customers with a little money? What ways should you adopt to make your business stand out among the competition?

For small business owners, marketing a business is quite a challenge. Whether you have been in business for many years, or are just starting out, these proven effective marketing and advertising strategies can boost the popularity of your business and can help to increase your following without needing to spend a lot of money. You can implement these tactics yourself, but if ever unsure, you can always seek advice from a marketing professional. A professional will be able to provide the necessary information needed when it comes to implementing new tactics and how to utilize them best.

Plan Your Marketing

The first step to boost your business’s popularity in the industry is to have a well-organized, detailed, and properly planned marketing strategy. An unplanned marketing strategy not just wastes your time but also your money. You can plan your marketing by deciding on the amounts of money you are willing to invest in each of your preferred marketing strategies.

Use Basic SEO for Your Website

Your business should be SEO optimized. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process wherein every time an internet user types keywords related to your website, your page will appear at the top in search results. Even though most large corporations spend a lot of money on SEO, there are several things you can do to boost your website’s SEO.

You may try the following:

If you publish content to your site regularly, be sure to give each piece of content a unique title.

Determine the commonly searched words and use them in formulating the page title.

Always integrate your business location, name, and phone number in every page of content you publish.

List your Business name on Bing and Google.

Bing and Google are two types of search engines that provide a free listing. This is beneficial for local business owners out there. To include your business in Bing’s listing, you may visit “Bing Places for Business.” Additionally, you can add your company to Google’s listing by setting up an account with “Google My Business.”  All you need to do is provide all the information being asked, including your website, phone number, and approximate working hours.

Create Your Online Business Page on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Other Social Media Platforms

When setting up your business page, make sure that it covers the right keywords and description. Do not forget to leave a link to your official site. You may consider looking for conversations and groups that are interested in the products and services you offer. Participating in the discussions is excellent. But do not deceive them into availing your products or services by doing regular promos.

Get a Business Card

If this is your first time running a business and you don’t yet have business stationery and business cards, apply for them right away. These two documents will serve as proof of your business’ reliability and legitimacy. Aside from that, a business card can show your potential customers that the company is being run and managed by a professional. They are also essential for business advertisements as it helps show internet users who come across your website what your company is all about.

Do not forget to include the website address of your business page when applying for a business card. Also, you need to have this information when producing handouts and letterheads. We also recommend you list the link of your business social media accounts. Another good marketing technique we learned is to paste a QR code to encourage clients to be part of your growing email list.

Use Business Cards

If you are running a business that offers services, you may consider giving your customers business cards. They can also advertise your business with their neighbors, other family members, and friends through this. A business card is the easiest way to expand the coverage of your business.


Overall, it is possible to market your business even when you do not have a large budget. Consider the tips mentioned above and you should notice some big changes.

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