All Construction Management Courses Offered by RICSSBE and Their Benefits

There are many students who want to pursue a lucrative career and a degree in construction management helps the student develop the skills needed to take on all the on-site responsibilities. Some of the responsibilities you will have as a construction manager will include managing the budget, project expenses, and construction workers, update the clients on the status of the project, deal with different issues such as delays, safety concerns, and so on. There are many colleges that offer construction project management, but joining RICSSBE can be a game-changer. It is one of the top-notch colleges that offer courses related to construction, infrastructure, and related sector.

The unique MBA program in construction management from RICSSBE prepares the students to excel as a project manager. They are prepared to work in a team and become a team leader later on. Leading a team of specialists be it architects, structural engineers, electrical engineers, or so on will be on the cards. The best project managers measure their success easily based on project performance, operational effectiveness as well as sustainability.

All about MBA in Construction Project Management Programme offered by RICS SBE.

Project management in construction offered at RICS SBE combines a plethora of subject which benefits the students in the best possible way. Their curriculum keeps the student as the focal point and incorporates different driving factors such as building information modeling, artificial intelligence, IoT, digital technologies, big data analytics, cloud computing, real estate development, and so on.

The benefit of pursuing the RICS SBE Programme:

Below mentioned are some of the highlights of the program which will help you achieve success in your career.
1. Progressive and balanced classroom delivery
2. Increased practical/ self-work/ NTCC
3. New electives in emerging fields/ areas
4. Super-specialization
5. Judgment and decision making
6. Emotional intelligence
7. Cognitive flexibility
8. Service orientation
9. Competency-based programs

In this program, top models, best tools, and techniques are taught to help one to manage time, cost, quality, safety, risk, and so on large and complex built environment projects. You can work on different types of projects such as commercial offices, residential, hotels, hospitals, bridges, infrastructure, and so on.

Career after pursuing this course

Everyone pursues a course, keeping a career in mind. This program will shape competent real estate professionals who can work in different areas including construction, real estate development firms, and so on. The different career, which you can pursue after completing the course, includes project management, quantity surveying, cost management, contracts management, contracting, and facilities management, and so on.

Those who have completed a course in construction project management degree qualify for different jobs in construction, industrial engineering as well as technology. This course is the first-ever degree program that is accredited by PMI-GAC in India. It is one of the best colleges in India that are supported by primary real estate, construction, and infrastructure organizations as well as the Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India. The institute is located in the capital. Visit the website of the college to check all the details about the construction management course.

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