A Quick Guide To Crack Architecture Aptitude Exam

Every year tons of aspiring architects appear in the most prestigious National Aptitude Test in Architecture exam. But unfortunately, only a few of them succeed in cracking the architecture aptitude exam. If designing contemporary homes and office premises is something that excites you the most in life, this article will help you crack this difficult nut.

Quick Guide how to Crack Architecture Aptitude Exam

Year after year, the number of applicants for different architecture programs is increasing. Today we have streamlined some awesome tricks and tips to help the applicants for architecture aptitude exam and other popular aptitude tests for the field of architecture. Without further ado, let’s just get started with the list:
1. Undergo the NATA syllabus prudently
Unless one is familiar with the syllabus and pattern of NATA, it is not possible to maximize the obtained marks. First, go through the syllabus and pattern of the examination so that there are no surprises for you in the examination. The exam is conducted in two parts: A paper-based drawing test and the latter one being a Computer-based Aesthetic Sensitivity Test. While the former part of the exam is an offline test, the following segment is online in nature. Each student gets a maximum of 2 hours to complete. Focusing on basic drawing skills around the areas of visualization of 3-D objects, sketching, general knowledge, and basic computer skills, basic knowledge of architecture and logical reasoning is a must-have.
2. Brush up your drawing skills
Professional architectures are always expected to produce appealing drawings. You indeed need to draw eye-catching illustrations but you are also assessed for your understanding of visual harmony and proportion. Without having basic elements in place, an architect cannot be expected to ascent the curb appeal of a house or property.
3. Stay abreast of the updates
Keeping yourself updated is no brainer but sometimes applicants concentrate only on last year’s exam papers. Don’t make this common mistake of undermining the need to learn new art techniques. Updating your knowledge is possible with the help of reading books, newspapers, journals, and magazines, etc. Visit the website of coaching centers to meet some of the best people who can provide you with the right guidance.
4. Last, but not the least, work on your speed
Pacing up in examination gives you a fair chance of performing better in the NATA exam. Needless to say, it provides enough room for attempting more number of questions and for revising the solved ones too. But having your best speed to solve the paper should not be a matter of chance.
For this, you should practice with the mock tests and previous year papers both. Clearing the NATA exam and having a bright future in the arena of architecture are closely intertwined. However, NATA aspirants often don’t know how to start their preparation. With this guide and faculty of good coaching center hope you now know the ways to assure a glorious journey in the land of construction and designing.
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