Best Colleges for MBA/PGDM Construction Management in India

Construction Management is a career that is on the rise in India. Many colleges provide a degree in construction management. Your main aim should be to shortlist the best colleges for pgdm construction management in India. While choosing for the course you can keep in mind your requirements like the ranking of college, tuition fee, what kind of program the college is providing and other features that you require in the college. It is a must that you choose college very carefully because it will have a strong impact on your career. So, to ease your work a little bit, we are here with 5 best colleges that provide this course. These colleges are the best in providing education.

List of Best MBA/PGDM Construction Management Colleges in India

1. RICS School of Built Environment
RICS, one of the best construction management colleges in India that provides the best knowledge in the field of construction, land, and property. It offers undergraduate courses and postgraduate courses which are approved by University Grant Commission. If you are planning to do a BBA or an MBA in construction management, then you can opt for RICS SBE. The placements of this school are worth a mention because they have been providing the best placements to the students since the beginning of programs.


2. NICMAR, Pune
National Institute of Construction Management and Research in Pune provides programs that are specially designed for getting a degree in construction management. The best part about this institute is that it offers a distance learning program for different courses too. This institute has branches in different big cities in India. You can choose the location and then apply to college.


3. SPA, Delhi
School of Planning and Architecture is another prestigious college that provides undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in different construction management program. You can find the best faculty at SPA. The teachers are well educated and experienced. They make it a priority to pay attention to students individually. The main focus is on the curriculum and student’s understanding of the syllabus.


4. IITM, Chennai
In the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, the course of construction management started in the late 1970s. The IITM puts focus on the practical education of the students. That is why they get the best facilities. Their infrastructure is very good. The institute has the best library, book shops and internet facility available for the students. The laboratories are up to date and students can make full use of this facility.


5. IIT, Delhi
Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi is one of the top colleges in India. If you get admission here then expect a very high placement salary. But before that, the education level is perfect. You are expected to produce your best results and faculty gives you the same. This institute provides post-graduate program M. Tech in Construction Technology and Management.


All the colleges that are mentioned above are the best in imparting the degree in construction management. If you wish to take a detailed look at the curriculum, infrastructure, and faculty of different colleges, then you can visit the website for details. Construction managers become an important part of construction companies. So, it is assured that you will get a good job after the degree. You have to work hard to get admission to the college and once you are in, your future and career are secured.
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