A home away from home in Bangalore

home in bangalore

While moving to a new place is an adventure, it comes with the pain of leaving the comfort of your cozy home and your own city that you know everything about. Leaving loved ones behind can be an emotional pain that not many like to deal with.

Hunting for an apartment on rent in Bangalore, a dear city, can be a cause a lot of anxiety. It is a big decision. You have to see the location, the distance from your workplace, the facilities provide, monthly rent etc. etc. etc. The list is long and as one finalizes the apartment or hostel, more loopholes surface.

As a working girl, I’d say that staying in a PG in Bangalore is not a good idea. Firstly you’ll have to headhunt for PGs, going to brokers, looking at the ‘to-let’ signs in the front yard of houses and to choose from the worst only to settle for one which is not as bad as the others, as they say, one eyed king in the kingdom of blinds.

Apart from the appalling living conditions like crammed up rooms, tasteless food and water shortage to name a few, the definition of privacy and personal space goes for a toss when you decide to sign up for a PG. These conditions can actually ruin your experience of living in one of the most beautiful and coolest cities of India.

If you are searching for an apartment on rent in Bangalore, call upon social media and new apps to come to your aid. There are many pages one can find on Facebook where people have posted to sub-let their apartments or have put up an ad for a ‘house on rent’. You can connect with the owners and discuss the terms and conditions, choosing from an array of options available on the social media platform.

Enjoy your solitude
Getting a fully furnished house, where you have a lot of personal space and home-services only a phone call away, can prove to be vital in making you love the city more. Having a house with one more friend who too is looking for personal space and peace in a new city can be the foundation of an everlasting friendship where you respect each other’s privacy.

Call your friends over
With an internet router and DTH already provided, you can fire up your laptop or can watch a movie with your roomie at home. Besides, you can call your friends over for a party or a sleepover anytime you want without worrying about the lack of space or that frown upon the landlord’s face.

Live in a dear city at affordable price
You won’t even have to shell out a fortune to get a nice home which you’d love coming back to from work along. All you’ll have to do is login to a site like NestAway, pay a security deposit for two months and house is all yours.

Be your own boss
Once you get a furnished apartment on rent in Bangalore, you can relax in your haven, come home to a nice, clean and big house where you can cook the delicious food of your choice, call house-help or order from outside. Living in your own house is a totally different and much more liberating experience than you’ll ever have in a PG.

No restrictions
While living in a PG you have to follow all the rules laid down by the landlord, in a house you can do what you want. So you can go to that concert in town or stretch your hours at work at your own will without having to call and inform the landlord about it in advance.
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