How to Improve FCR for Effective Customer Experience?

Each business thrives on effective customer experience. When it comes to a call center industry, effective customer experience is measured by the First Call Resolution (FCR). The FCR determines whether the customer has resolved his problem with the help of your call center team in just one interaction or not.

So, let’s check out how you can improve FCR for better and effective customer experience of your call center software:

1. Identify Repeat Callers

The first step towards improving FCR is identifying the repeat callers. The call center agents need to focus on repeat calls from the same phone numbers within a noticeable period of time. There are chances that a customer might follow-up from the different numbers for their issues. So, it is equally important to track their repeat calls via their account numbers or case numbers.

2. Focus on Reasons Leading to Repeat Calls

Why the customers are making repeat calls?
Once, you are done with identifying the repeat callers, you need to focus on their issues that made them to call repeatedly. Whether those calls were regarding an installation confusion, a product’s feature failure or a billing issue, each issue needs to be taken down to find out the concrete reasons affecting FCR.

TIP: The call center software helps you with call recording features, so you can use those repeat call recordings in order to find out the most common repeat call reasons.

3. Determine Current FCR Rate

Having done with finding the common reasons leading to repeat calls, this step of determining the current FCR rate becomes extremely important.

Eg. You have a number of repeat calls that got resolved = X and the total incoming calls = Y. Then,

Current First Call Resolution Rate = (X/Y) * 100

Constantly looking at your FCR rate, helps you to focus on resolving the customer queries faster. This becomes a sure-shot way to improve the FCR.

4. Conduct Post-Call Survey

An another effective way to improve FCR is to conduct a post-call survey for your customers. But, what can be the survey questions?

● What was the purpose of your call today?
● How many times have you called for this purpose?
● How was your experience with this call?
● Are you satisfied with the answers offered by our customer care representative?

Well, these are just a few sample questions. Also, at the end, you can ask your customers to rate your service.

5. Impose Speech Analytics

What you can also do is to impose speech analytics in your call center software. This offers functionality like searching for speech keywords like “again”, “last time”, etc. All these to better understand customer issues and resolve them ASAP.

6. Enforce Call Quality Monitoring

Call quality monitoring is really important for effective customer experience. Regularly monitoring a few samples of repeat calls, their common reasons, etc. helps in the evaluation of the repeat calls. With this, resolving calls becomes easy for you and your team.

FCR rate is something that all call centers would be struggling to keep as high as possible to remain one step ahead of their competitors.

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